Winter fishing gold coast

Winter Fishing Gold Coast

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Winter Fishing Gold Coast

Winter mullowayIt can be hard to take the wind and cold while fishing through winter off the coast.

Fortunately on the Gold Coast we only have to shiver through a handful of icy cold mornings, with most days only being cool to mild with some top quality fishing on offer.

Not only is it prime time for fishing during the cooler winter months. The weather is usually more favourable for boaties. In addition, there tends to be less boats out on the water too, which means you don’t have to battle other fishos to fish your favourite spot.

What’s biting?

The main winter targets off the Gold coast are Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper, Mulloway, Tailor, Tuna, Pearl perch and Tuskfish. There are plenty of other species that may also be around if the water’s still a tad winter snapper fishingwarmer. Species such as Wahoo, spotted and Spanish Mackerel can usually be caught until late June.

Everyone has their favourite Winter species. For us it’s usually a toss-up between live baiting for monster Cobia or bottom bouncing and float lining for Snapper.

Most locals and charter operators chase either the good run of inshore Winter snapper that are strewn along the local reefs between 18 and 50 fathoms. Alternatively while fishing through winter on the Gold coast, good numbers of Cobia and Tuna can be caught along the 24 fathom reef using live Yakka’s or Slimy mackerel. Furthermore, Large Mulloway also call the shallow reefs home throughout the colder season. Teraglin also school up in big numbers to breed in winter, bag outs on Trag are common between June to September.

Winter Fishing Gold Coast – Bait and tackle

Snapper can be finnicky and only the best quality bait will do. Pilchards and Squid work well when chasing Snapper and Trag. While your bigger species such as Cobia, Mulloway and Tuna respond best to live baits or larger slabs of fresh fish.
Tackle wise, either an overhead or a decent threadline reel spooled with 10-15kg line will easily stop most species that will be encountered on the local fishing grounds.

Deep sea fishing BroadbeachGold Coast Charter Fishing boats

Everyone from first timers right through to experienced anglers can rest assured that we provide the best Gold coast fishing charters not just an ocean cruise.
Our friendly, experienced skippers and deckhands are committed to providing the best possible deep sea fishing trips every time.

Our comfortable smooth riding boats will get you out to the local reefs fast. Winter fishing Gold coast can be very rewarding. Book in to Hook in! Call now. +61755299658

fishing charters gold coastThe ulimate fishing experience


Twilight night fishing Gold coast

Twilight Night Fishing Charters Gold Coast


Night Fishing Charters – Gold Coast

Introducing GC fishing’s newest option, our night fishing charters off the Gold coast are fast becoming one of our most popular packages. Available for group bookings only at this stage, our vesselsnight fishing gold coast can accommodate 12 or 16 people. In particular our recent 4pm-9pm sessions have shown some great catch rates as the sun goes down and we fish on into the night. In short, some species such as Mulloway and Teraglin prefer to feed at night, particularly around the full moon.

Night Fishing – Boats, Bait and Tackle

The boats for your adventure are well equipped for night fishing, our spacious comfortable decks have great lighting. Purpose built by Steber craft, our fibreglass mono hulls provide a very comfortable ride. In addition we provide top quality fishing tackle. And all the bait and burley that’s required to catch some quality fish. Furthermore our friendly experienced skippers will work hard to ensure you have a great night fishing experience.

Weather conditions

We do not head out to sea at night if high winds or rough seas are forecast. It is very important that you provide a phone number that we can contact you on the morning before your scheduled
trip in case the charter has to be re scheduled or cancelled in the event of adverse weather. Generally we only cancel if high winds and/or big seas are forecast. In the event a charter has to be cancelled, customers can either choose another suitable date or receive a refund of any deposit paid.

Departure point and times

Teraglin night fishing charters gold coastEvening charters at 4pm and return at 9pm. Usually, we find 5 hours is enough for most people. However if you would like to book the boat for a longer night fishing session. Above all we be happy to accommodate your group. Simply give our office a Call +61755299658

The Spit pontoon
Muriel Henchman Drive Main Beach 4217

Go past SeaWorld Nara Resort, look for blue sign with boat ramp/Charter boats, turn left at Muriel Henchman drive.
UBD Reference: Gold Coast Map Reference –Page #29. Coordinates L5. Plenty of free parking available.
Please note, the boat does not live here permanently, its a public pick up jetty, please wait at top of jetty ramp.

Gold coast fishing charters

Shark fishing gold coast

Shark Fishing Gold Coast


Shark Fishing Gold Coast.

Looking for some arm stretching, adrenalin pumping fun, Shark fishing Gold coast will test your skills. However, you need to be able to get out to where the big toothy critters reside, that’s whereGold coast shark fishing charters we come in. GC fishing charters are the leading provider of offshore shark fishing charters. In addition our expert skippers know all of the best local reefs that regularly hold large sharks. Furthermore we also provide all of the required bait, burley. And top of the line Shimano and Penn fishing tackle for you to use. Target species include Bull sharks, Bronze whalers, Makos, Tiger sharks and Hammerheads.

Shark Fishing Charters.

Experience the power as a 300kg man eater picks up the bait and the reel begins to scream, prepare for hours of brutal combat as we do battle with some of the biggest sharks Australia has to offer.

GC Fishing use a wide variety of dead and live baits while targeting sharks on the Gold coasts offshore reefs. Our favourite bait is whole mack tuna, the bigger the better!! Baits vary in size from 1/2 shark fishing gold coastkg tuna fillets right up to whole tuna in excess of 10kgs.
We also use mullet, bonito and other oily flesh baits. Preferred live baits include slimy mackerel, bonito and yellowtail.
A good burley trail is absolutely essential to attract sharks to the baits. Once the baits are set, burleying begins. Any fish flesh makes good burley, where possible we use Mack tuna flesh as its nice and oily and breaks up with ease when mashed in the pot. This in turn creates a slick miles long in order to attract hungry sharks.

Our Gold coast shark fishing charters are mainly catch and release. However if you catch one that is under 1.5 metres you may keep it if you choose. Larger modelsshark fishing tackle above 1.5 metres, by law have to be released to fight another day.

Shark Fishing Charter boats.

Two quality purpose built shark fishing charter boats are available for private group bookings to head offshore to target these beasts. We recommend the colder winter months. The shark packs tend to follow the whale pods in winter and tend to be around in bigger numbers increasing the chances of a hook up. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 07 55299658.


shark charters

Gold coast mackerel fishing charters

Gold Coast Mackerel Fishing Charters

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Gold Coast Mackerel Fishing Chartersspotted mackerel

Get out on the water with us for some serious Gold coast Mackerel fishing charters.
There are few fish that can pull line off a reel like a big Spanish mackerel! Mackerel are one of the fastest swimming pelagic species. The warmer months are the prime time to target these migratory fish on the local offshore reefs to the east of the Gold coast. Big  Macks can usually be found anywhere that there is good bait holding structure. Find the bait schools and you will find the Mackerel close by.

mackerel fishing tipsWhen to target Gold coast Mackerel

You can catch Mackerel between December to June in the South east Queensland region. The early part of the Season usually begins with a run of Spotted Mackerel. They usually turn up at closer reefs off Palm beach, Mermaid beach and Southport. A couple of months later the bigger Spanish Mackerel arrive, these bigger predators are usually caught in depths between 10-50 metres.

Mackerel Fishing Tips and Techniques

Sight fishing for Mackerel makes for some extremely thrilling fishing. For Instance when they turn up at the back of the boat under the burley pot. Some days they will eat any bait offered to them. Other days they can be finnicky and very selective, at worst they can be down right frustrating. Some times you can throw every bait you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply return back to the deep blue.

Suitable Tackle

Big Spaniards are a serious contender and require seriously robust tackle, cheap rubbish wont cut it with these bigger fish. Given the chance, a solid mackerel will grab your bait and make a Spanish mackerelblistering high speed run.  With these brutes, recommended tackle is overheads or bigger sized spin reels spooled with a minimum 15kg main line. Therefore offerings from manufacturers like Fin-Nor, Daiwa, Shimano and Penn and ideally suited for battling XXXL Mackerel.

The Fight, Catch the Thrill

Landing a quality Mackerel usually requires more than a one attempt. Often you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn its head and make another long hard run for the horizon. In addition once hooked sometimes they will head up to the top of the water column and other times they will head deep. They will often try and circle the boat which becomes tricky when fishing at anchor. Once alongside the boat a heavy duty gaff hook is an essential item. Beware of their razor shard teeth once you have boated them, a big Spanish is easily capable of taking off a finger!

The Prize

Considered a prized catches in many ways. Mackerel offer the excitement of a long hard fight and are also a quality table fish. With its firm white flesh, it is excellent grilled, barbecued, baked, steamed or fried. Fillets or cutlets both cook up nicely depending upon your preference.
If you have never caught a Mackerel, you are missing out on some serious hardcore fishing action, and a great feed. Give it a go you certainly wont be disappointed with a Gold coast mackerel fishing charter.

Gold coast mackerel fishing chartersFishing Charters

If you don’t have the luxury of owning your boat, don’t despair one of our Gold coast mackerel fishing charters will get you to the fish for a very reasonable price. In other words, we supply the boat, the bait, the burley and most importantly the knowledge and expertise required to catch these high speed demons.

Above all we have two of the best charter boats on the coast. Our charter price is all inclusive, with everything you need to do battle with these awesome sports fish. Of course mackerel aren’t the only species we catch. We actively target and catch a myriad of other species also. These include Cobia, Snapper, Wahoo, Teraglin, Tuskfish and many more. Similarly our friendly expert crews know where to find and catch all of the above fish species. For bookings please feel free to give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622, The Best Value Gold coast mackerel fishing charters are right here.


The ulimate fishing experiencefishing charters gold coast

Bucks day fishing

Gold Coast Fishing Clubs

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Gold Coast Fishing Clubs.

Joining one of the many Gold coast fishing clubs is a great way to meet like minded people that share your passion for fishing. For instance most clubs have a wide variety of members from allGold coast fishing clubswalks of life. You will find and get to know people with years of fishing knowledge. Most member will happily share their tips and techniques with you. This will assist you to become a more accomplished and successful angler.

Types of Fishing Clubs.

Gold coast fishing clubs vary widely in size, some of the bigger clubs have literally hundreds of members. However there is also a plethora of smaller clubs out there too, many are run by local pubs, clubs and other community groups.

Selecting the right club is important, some clubs cater to specific fishing styles. Such as game fishing, estuary fishing, deep sea etc. Be sure to check out a few before you decide to commit to joining one. After all most clubs these days have high quality website packed with great information, pics and even videos. In addition you call the contacts on their pages and talk to members about your requirements. Further to that, most clubs will let you attend their monthly meetings as a visitor before committing to paying fees and joining as a member.

Similarly some clubs cater more for families, while others can be a bit of a boys club so to speak. This is an important consideration if you want to bring the wife and kids along too.

Fishing Club Charters.

Fishing club charter Gold coastOur charters cater to many fishing clubs, Gold coast fishing charters operate deep sea reef and game fishing trips seven days a week, weather permitting. We supply top quality fishing tackle and all the bait required. Alternatively, Gold coast fishing club members are also welcome to bring along their own favourite outfit, provided its suitable to our style of fishing.

GC fishing can cater for big and small groups alike. Our charters target and catch a wide variety of species, including but not limited to. Snapper, Cobia, King fish, Mackerel, Marlin, Teraglin, Tuna, Tuskfish, and many more. Check out our home page for more information about our fishing charters or give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622.

fishing charters gold coast

Gold coast party pontoons

Gold Coast Party Pontoons.

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Family BBQ Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons

When it comes to Gold Coast BBQ Boat Hire, no BBQ Boats are more family friendly than those from Gold Coast Party Pontoons.

Family Friendly Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons’ vessels are comfortable, roomy and weatherproof in almost any conditions.  The roofs are insulated so the interior stays comfortable on the sunniest of days (and lets face it, nearly every day on the Gold Coast is sunny).  There are pull down “cafe clears” that can close of any wind or rain.  But there is one feature that we know keeps the ladies happy – all of our boats have fully enclosed flushing toilets.  Did you know that some BBQ hire boats on the Gold Coast don’t have any toilets at all?

Real BBQ Boats

boat hireOur BBQ Boats actually have real BBQs.  It seems obvious but the reality is, some boat hire operators are advertising BBQ boats when they don’t actually have any BBQs.  Not only do we have built in BBQs on all vessels, they are top of the line stainless steel BBQs that will keep even the most BBQ obsessed Dads happy with the size and functionality, and the most fastidious ladies happy with the cleanliness.  You get to bring your own food too so no fear of being hit up for overpriced sausages after you book.

The boats also have big cooler boxes to keep your food fresh and your drinks icy cold.

Boating on Gold Coast’s Broadwater

Gold Coast Party Pontoons vessels have motors that are big enough to give you a great cruising range and small enough that you don’t need a boat licence to drive them.  From our base at Runaway Bay Marina, you can comfortably cruise to Wavebreak Island, Tipplers or even Jumpinpin.  The vessels are roomy enough for you to play on the way and fast enough for you to have time to play at your destination.  Of course you don’t need a destination.  You can just cruise the day away and stop for a swim or to explore at your whim.

Party Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons have four vessels that can carry 10 or 12 passengers so there is room for your family and friends.  Most of the vessels are built for more passengers than we have licencedself drive pontoon boat them for so they are exceptionally roomy.  The Ultimate for example is designed for 20 passengers but we have licenced it for 12.  The vessels are also pet friendly and your pooch is not counted in the passenger list!

The BBQ boats are ready to go so you just need to show up on the day with your food and drinks and sail away.  Your biggest decision may be whose phone songlist to sync up to the awesome sound system.

You can get an online quote and even make a booking on our website or go old school and give us a call (apprently thats what the numbers on your phone were designed for!!) on 0417 780 260

BBQ boats

Winter Snapper Gold coast

Snapper Fishing Charters – Gold Coast

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Snapper Fishing Charters Gold Coast.Snapper fishing charters

The cooler winter season is prime time to book a Snapper fishing charters Gold Coast.

About Snapper.

Snapper A highly sought after species targeted by both recreational and commercial fishermen in most states around Australia. A Big Snapper is a prized trophy fish, well known for their hard Snapper fishing charters gold coastfighting abilities, stunning appearance and sensational eating qualities. Snapper are actually members of the Sea bream family, and closely related to Bream and Tarwhine.

Snapper when first removed from the water are a beautiful bright pink with blue spots. Older fish develop a knob on their heads in later life. Snapper as also commonly known as Squire, Red bream and Knobbys. Bigger specimens can reach up to 1 metre in length and weigh in excess of 10kg’s.

Gold Coast Snapper.

fishing for snapperSnapper are a demersal (bottom-dwelling) fish species but also spend time feeding in higher up in the water column. They prefer reef structures and areas with broken bommies and sand. During in the Winter months Gold coast Snapper move in from the deeper waters to spawn. As the weather warms up again in summer they move back out into deeper water and disappear from the 24, 36 and 50 fathom reefs.

Snapper are mostly carnivorous. They will happily feed on Shell fish, Squid, Fish flesh, Pilchards and Octupus. When it comes to bait, top quality pilchards seem to be the most productive.

Where We Fish.

There is a diverse range of  bottom types an various depths  where Gold Coast Snapper like to hide, we pay very close attention to seasonal movements and fisheries regulations. When targeting Snapper fishing adventures todaySnapper on shallow inshore reefs between 18-50 fathoms (30-100 metres). We look for broken rubble/reef structures with patches of sand and gravel in between. Snapper will often mark up on our depth sounder as arches sitting up off the bottom, and at various depths through the water column, usually above or around structure. Which reefs we fish depends upon the charter option you choose. For instance Half or Full day trip.

Quality Snapper Fishing Charters.

Get on board with the friendly crew on board FV “Fat Hooker” and Seaquest”, We provide everything you need for a memorable day out fishing for Snapper. In addition, we also catch other species such as Cobia, Teraglin, Pearl Perch and more. For all your charter requirements, please feel free to call our friendly staff on 07 55109622 or Book Instantly Online.

To sum up, Snapper Fishing Charters Gold coast are a great way to spend a day.


GC fishing, Fat hooker

Solid Dolphinfish

Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters Gold Coast

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Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters Gold Coast

December – April

Adventures today Mahi mahi fishing charters gold coastMahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast are adrenalin pumping fun. Above all Mahi mahi are one of the prettiest of all pelagic game fish species. Interestingly the name Mahi mahi, originated from the native Hawaiian language and roughly translates to “strong”. In fact they are one of the fastest swimming fish in the sea.

Mahi mahi are a member of the family Coryphaenidae (dolphinfishes) and can grow to 2.1m in length and over 40kgs in weight. Although fish around the 8-20kg are the most common sizes caught on board our Mahi mahi fishing charters off the Gold Coast.
A fast growing Pelagic, schooling fish species that live near the surface most of the time, often found around FADs and floating debris such as logs, and palm fronds.

Offshore Fishing For Mahi Mahi.

Mahi mahi fishing trips QueenslandFast fish that often leap from the water during the fight, their aerial antics are a sight to behold. A hungry fish Will happily take trolled skirts, deep  diving lures, live bait asfat hooker well as pilchards and whole squid. Trolling, live baiting and casting small slugs or pilchards at FADS. For instance, are the tried and proven methods that we use on our Gold coast fishing charters. Not only are they extreme fun to catch they are sensational on the plate too. A big one will feed the whole family and some more!

Gold coast fishing charters have been operating the 2 best charter boats on the Gold coast for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise is second to none. Similarly our boats kept maintained to highest standard. Fat hooker and Seaquest will blast you out to the Mahi mahi fishing grounds at lightening speed.

Mahi mahi Fishing Trips.

Book Online Fishing Charters Gold coastWe offer half and full day gold coast mahi mahi fishing trips during the warmer months. Our trips represent the best possible value for money. In addition the GC fishing crew will go great lengths to get you that monster fish. However we recommend you have a big breakfast prior to boarding the both. A thumper Mahi mahi will test both your strength and stamina. Visit Gold coast fishing for more detailed information about our charters.

The ultimate Mahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast. Book today phone 07 5510 9622.

Written by Mark Spencer. Copyright Gold coast fishing charters 2020


Cobia fishing Gold coast

Cobia Fishing Gold Coast


Cobia fishing Gold Coast


Get out on the water with us for some serious Cobia fishing Gold coast.
There are few fish that can pull like a Cobia! Winter months are the prime time to target these migratory beasts on the local offshore reefs east of the Gold coast. Thumper cobia tend to trail whales, sting rays and sharks searching dropped scraps of food. When there is whales or sharks in the region you can be sure that the schools of cobia wont be far behind.

When to target Cobia

You can catch Cobia year round in the South east Queensland region. But probably the easiest time is during the cooler months of April-October. they range in size from 5 to 45 kgs. Its very rare to catch one less than 5kg. They grow at an extremely fast rate.

Cobia Tips

Sight fishing for Cobia makes for some very thrilling fishing. When they rock up under the burley pot, some days they will eat any bait that is offered to them. Other days they can be picky and very selective, at worst they can be down right annoying. Some times you can throw every bait you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply swim back to the deep water.

Cobia are a serious contender and require seriously tough tackle, cheap garbage wont cut it with these fish. Given the chance, cobia will often run for the bottom and slice you off on the jagged coral, with these brutes, recommended tackle is overheads or bigger sized spin reels spooled with a minimum 15kg main line, offerings from manufacturers like Fin-Nor, Daiwa, Shimano and Penn and ideally suited for battling XXXL size cobia.

Landing a Cobia usually requires more than a one attempt. Often you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn its head and make another long hard run for the bottom. Sometimes once hooked they will head up to the top of the water column and surface like a shark, they will often try and circle the boat which becomes tricky when fishing at anchor. Once alongside the boat a heavy duty gaff hook is an essential item.

Prized catches in many ways. Cobia offer the excitement of a long hard fight and are also a quality table fish. With its firm white flesh, it is excellent grilled, barbecued, baked, steamed or fried.
If you have never caught a Cobia, you are missing out on some serious hardcore fishing action, and a great feed. Give it a go you wont be disappointed with cobia fishing Gold coast.


Corporate fishing charters Gold coast

Corporate Fishing Charters


Corporate Fishing Charters – Gold Coast

Planning a memorable evening with work colleagues and clients? Want to give your staff a day to remember?. The best way to do this is to go on one of our corporate fishing charters or one of our Broadwater cruises. Above all, there is no place nicer than the Gold Coasts waterways to hold such a party.

For fulfilling all your corporate charter requirements. Like wise Gold Coast fishing charters are here toCorporate cruises gold coast help. We are an Australian owned Gold Coast business proudly owned and operated by a team of dedicated staff who are passionate about being out on the water doing what we do best.

The friendly staff and experienced crews are experts in the field of fishing and boat operations are always ready to offer you the best Corporate fishing charters on the Gold Coast that you will remember forever.

Charters and cruises

The best setting for offering a unique corporate charter loaded with action packed moments and thrill is to go with a group of like minded people. We can cater for groups of up to 30 people over two boats.

Work partiesGC Fishing is here to offer a totally relaxing, enjoyable fishing charter or Broadwater cruise for your staff. With GC Fishing charters, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just let us know your requirements and the rest will be organised by us..
There are several different types of corporate charter packages available. You can get full day or half day  deep sea fishing adventures. Broadwater party cruises for occasions, and sunset cruises.


Broadwater cruises

Similarly if you’re up for some calm water fishing during your Broadwater cruise, the option is available. GC fishing charters has got a crew of expert fishermen with years of experience. Who are ready to help you in every way possible so that you can spend some quality time catching a variety of fish species. For providing the best fishing experience for you. GC fishing can also offers refreshments, catering and entertainment at additional cost.
As a registered Gold Coast charter fishing vessel. Both of our boats are in current Queensland Department of Transport survey. They are also fully equipped with all required safety equipment.

There is a separate toilet, and comfortable seating and the boats are fully tackled up for both calm water and deep sea fishing. Your safety is of paramount importance to us and Gold coast fishing charters has got your best interests covered.

Broadbeach Fishing Charters


Broadbeach fishing charters

Broadbeach fishing charters, GC charters operate two purpose built fishing charter boats that depart twice daily from Muriel Henchman drive at Main beach just 15 minutes drive north of Broadbeach on the Gold coast Broadwater.Broadbeach fishing charters
We operate 7 days a week (weather permitting) and offer half day and full day offshore deep sea reef and game fishing charters, targeting a wide range of pelagic and bottom fish species including Snapper, Tailor, Tusk fish, mackerel, Wahoo, marlin, Tuna, Jewfish, Teraglin, Tuskfish, Kingfish, Cobia and many more.

Fishing trip Departure times

Deep sea fishing Broadbeach6am-11am or 11am-4pm.
Our tournament winning owner skippers will give it their best to get you on to some prime quality eating fish on the local reefs to the east of Surfers paradise and Broadbeach, you will be fishing in water between 30-60 metres deep depending on weather conditions and seasonal availability of our various pelagic and bottom dwelling target species.

We supply all the bait and tackle required and the know how required to achieve a good fishing technique and boat a great catch. GC charters also supply cold bottled water, and expert crew.
Our boats are big, stable and comfortable, we can accommodate groups of up to 18 people onboard “FV Fat hooker”, and groups of up to 12 people on board “FV Seaquest”.

Both boats are equipped with on board toilets and covered rear decks for protection from the elements.
Come on board and enjoy a great day out fishing off the South east Queensland coast.
For more information about our Coolangatta fishing charters visit our home page or call one of our friendly staff on 07 5529 9658
​Great for bucks parties, corporate events and parties.
fishing trips Coolangatta
All bait and quality fishing tackle, Ice cold bottled water, all legal fish gilled, gutted and bagged up, friendly professional crews. Just bring your hat, sunscreen, seasickness tablets, camera, and something to eat.

Fishing gift ideas fathers day

Fathers day Gift ideas


Need something for Dad for fathers day? How about one of our Gold coast fishing charters gift certificates. Our vouchers make great gifts for all occasions. Our certificates are valid for twelve months from purchase date.

Simply buy online, Dad can book on a day that suits him to go fishing anytime in the 12 month period.Fathers day fishing gift ideas

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