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Reef Fishing Charters Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Reef Fishing Charters Australia welcomes you to come aboard our vessel ‘Seaquest’ and “Fat hooker” for a fantastic Full or Half Day reef fishing in the pristine waters off the Gold coast Australia.

Take advantage of one of the biggest & most comfortable Gold coast fishing charters to explore the vast, plentiful fishing grounds and to let us show you the best spots to catch some great quality reef and game fish!

Work your way out to the productive Gold coast fishing reefs anywhere between 3 to 10 nautical miles offshore on the Half Day charter or between 10 to 30 nautical miles offshore on the Full Day charter. You will visit fish several different reefs throughout the day.

All fishing tackle is supplied including rods & reels, bait, hand towels, ice box, hooks, sinkers etc. You are welcome to bring your own reef fishing gear if you wish.

The most common species you will catch on our reef fishing charters include Snapper, Cobia, Giant Mulloway, Venus Tuskfish, Mulloway, Cod, Teraglin, and many more.

We will gill and gut your legal sized catch and pack it straight on ice to give you the best quality fish to take home. All undersize or unwanted fish are immediately released back to the water to increase survival rates and promote sustainability of fisheries.

Morning reef fishing charters

Gold Coast Australia

6am – 11am

Afternoon fishing charter

11am – 4pm

What to bring on your fishing charter

  • Personal items such as camera, hat, sunglasses, and wear suitable clothing you are comfortable in. Whatever footwear you like, thongs are ok.
  • Sea sick medication if required.
  • BYO alcohol in moderation
reef fishing charters Australia
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