Gold Coast Whiting Fishing Tips

Gold coast whiting fishing is both relaxing and rewarding at the same time, its well worth putting in the effort for a tasty meal, read on for a few tips on how to catch them.

Where to fish for Whiting

Whiting like to inhabit areas of sand and mud flats within the Gold coast estuary system, and also reside off the local beaches at a depth generally between 0.5 – 3 metres. When targeting chasing in the Gold coast Broadwater focus on the shallower sand flats during an incoming tide. Good areas to try are around Wavebreak island, crab island, and any of the other sand bars. On the beach, search for areas of interest such as shallow gutters and holes, and also the edges of sandbars.

Tackle required for Gold coast whiting fishing

Rods & Reels

To get the most out of your  Gold coast whiting fishing expedition, it’s best to fish as light as possible with a suitable light line outfit. In the Broadwater water and nearby canals and rivers. Ideally you want to choose something like a 2-4kg 6 – 7 foot graphite spin rod with a 1000-2500 reel to match.

On the open surf beaches use a light weight 10-12 foot rod and a suitable size spin reel or an Alvey.

Line and leader

  • Bait fishing: 4-6lb mono & 50-70cms of fluorocarbon leader.
  • Lure fishing: 2-4lb braid & 1 metre of 4-6lb flourocarbon leader


Terminal Tackle

  • Whiting have very small mouths. Size 3-8 long shank hooks work best, size 4-8 swivel, and size 0-5 ball sinker depending on wind and current. Generally speaking you want to fish as light as possible. Heavier sinkers will be needed when fishing off the surf beaches.

how to catch whiting

Best Bait

The best baits for catching whiting are live yabbies, bloodworms, beach worms, prawns and pippies. It is well worth the effort to go chase fresh live bait, rather than settling for frozen stuff.

Best Lures for Whiting

Small poppers, tiny hard-bodied surface lures work well, metal blades such as the eco gear range also produce fish when worked over the shallows. Blades can be handy on windy days, when casting light weight poppers is near impossible. Lures should be worked over shallow sand bars.

Whiting Rigs


Gold coast whiting fishing tipsFor chasing whiting in the estuary a simple running sinker rig works best. Regardless of weather you are fishing from the shore or out of a boat. The only variable is the size of the sinker you will need to use. this will depend on factors such as wind and current, and weather you are anchored or drifting.

When fishing off the open beach a patternoster style rig can also be very handy as it will allow you to you triangular style sinkers that will hold better in rough conditions.

Many people also swear by using a piece of thin red tubing over the line just above the hook. this imitates a blood worm and can be quite effective too.

So grab your gear, pump some yabbies, pippies, or worms and your ready to catch a feed of these tasty fish.

Size limits on takes Minimum size 23cm
Possession limits on takes 30 combined limit for goldenline whiting, sand whiting and northern whiting
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