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December – April

Adventures today Mahi mahi fishing charters gold coastMahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast are adrenalin pumping fun. Above all Mahi mahi are one of the prettiest of all pelagic game fish species. Interestingly the name Mahi mahi, originated from the native Hawaiian language and roughly translates to “strong”. In fact they are one of the fastest swimming fish in the sea.

Mahi mahi are a member of the family Coryphaenidae (dolphinfishes) and can grow to 2.1m in length and over 40kgs in weight. Although fish around the 8-20kg are the most common sizes caught on board our Mahi mahi fishing charters off the Gold Coast.
A fast growing Pelagic, schooling fish species that live near the surface most of the time, often found around FADs and floating debris such as logs, and palm fronds.

Offshore Fishing For Mahi Mahi.

Mahi mahi fishing trips QueenslandFast fish that often leap from the water during the fight, their aerial antics are a sight to behold. A hungry fish Will happily take trolled skirts, deep  diving lures, live bait asfat hooker well as pilchards and whole squid. Trolling, live baiting and casting small slugs or pilchards at FADS. For instance, are the tried and proven methods that we use on our Gold coast fishing charters. Not only are they extreme fun to catch they are sensational on the plate too. A big one will feed the whole family and some more!

Gold coast fishing charters have been operating the two best charter boats on the Gold coast for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise is second to none. Similarly our boats kept maintained to highest standard. Fat hooker and Seaquest will blast you out to the Mahi mahi fishing grounds at lightening speed.

Mahi mahi Fishing Trips.

Book Online Fishing Charters Gold coastWe offer half and full day gold coast mahi mahi fishing trips during the warmer months. Our trips represent the best possible value for money. In addition the GC fishing crew will go great lengths to get you that monster fish. However we recommend you have a big breakfast prior to boarding the boat. A thumper Mahi mahi will test both your strength and stamina. Visit Gold coast fishing for more detailed information about our charters.

The ultimate Mahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast. Book today phone 07 5510 9622.

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