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Unfortunately fisheries have imposed a closure on Snapper and Pearl perch stocks. In fact the closure applies to theSnapper fishing adventures today whole of Queensland and also includes Snapper stocks off the Gold coast. While we don’t really feel that local Snapper stocks on the Gold coast are in serious decline. We are not totally opposed to the idea either. Above all, if it helps secure great gold coast snapper stocks for future generations. Then all well and good.

Below is an extract from the official statement from Qld government. the full statement can be found here.

Snapper and pearl perch will be no-take species in Queensland waters for one month starting 15 July (from 12.01AM).

Winter Snapper Gold coastMinister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said this new closure would apply to all fishers – commercial, charter and recreational.

“This seasonal closure is similar to spawning closures for Barramundi and reef fin fish species. Which have been critical to ensuring the sustainability of these fisheries,” Mr Furner said.

“During this closure, I encourage fishers to target other species and take advantage of the fish aggregating devices (FADs) that have been installed along the South East Queensland coast.

“We are taking this step because snapper and pearl perch stocks are depleted and we need to take the pressure off.  To ensure there are fish for future, we need to take action now.”


Plenty of fish in the sea

Moving forward, as far as fishing charter operators are concerned. We will simply focus our attention on the manycobia fishing gold coast other target species that are available throughout July and August. Firstly winter is prime time for chasing species like Cobia, Trag, Kingfish, Tuskfish, Mulloway, Tuna and many more. Furthermore if by chance you do happen to catch a quality snapper. All is not lost, we will take some great pics of you holding it. Before carefully releasing the fish. Certainly there is a fair amount of satisfaction in letting a big fish swim off to fight again another day. In addition, you will have photos and memories that will last a life time.

Have fun while maintaining sustainable stock levels

While we all love to take home a nice feed for our families to enjoy. Fishing is not about indiscriminately killing and keeping everything that is hauled over the railing. At Gold coast fishing charters we support sustainable fishing and abide by all rules and regulations stipulated by Qld fisheries.

Bag limits and minimum sizes

Snapper fishing closureWe love to see our customers take home some dinner as well as fond memories. Fair and reasonable size and bag limits apply to most species. In fact you can keep anything you catch provided its legal.

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