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Chasing big Mulloway requires a lot of patience but can extremely rewarding. Big Jewies are often targeted by anglers off the Gold coast. Its easy to spend several days and nights trying to catch theDeep sea fishing Broadbeach bigger fish. However more often than not. Surprisingly we find we catch them when not specifically targeting them. They often turn up out of the blue on some of the gold coasts shallower reefs between 10-26 fathoms. Furthermore they can also be caught off local beaches and around the gold coast seaway walls.

Jewfish – Mulloway information

Mulloway are also known as Jewfish and are commonly referred to as Jewies. Smaller specimens are often called soapies. None the less they can reach up to 40 kilos and they will happily respond to a wide range of dead and live baits. Best live baits are herring, poddy mullet, yellowtail, and slimy mackerel. Dead baits include mullet either whole, filleted, or butterflied. Additionally pilchards, prawns and other fish flesh baits also work. Remember fresh is best.
Most large Mulloway catches are made at dusk and three hours after dark. Specifically with either no moon or a full moon. On the other hand its not uncommon to catch them in the middle of the day when working shallow reefs off south east Queensland.

Tackle required for Gold coast Mulloway fishing charters

Mulloway fishing charters gold coastFairly heavy tackle is required for big jewies. Accordingly 10-15kg mainline with a minimum 24kg trace is recommended. When a mulloway picks up the bait allow him some time to run with it and then lean back and wind to set the hook. Once hooked a big Mulloway will usually make one very long run initially. Followed by a couple more shorter runs. Take your time and gently work the fish towards the surface. Its better to take a bit more time than to risk losing the fish by over doing it too early in the fight.

Mulloway are a prized catch

A giant Mulloway is a very highly prized catch by all fishos and certainly tests an angler’s skills and equipment to the maximum.
While Mulloway fishing local Gold coast reefs using large baits. Indeed you are also very likely to catch other large brutes such as Cobia, mackerel, cod, snapper and sharks.
If you would like to come on one of our gold coast mulloway fishing charters for your chance to target a monster mulloway please feel free to visit out home page for more information.

Mulloway fishing charter boats

FV Fat Hooker
At 12.2 metres long and over 3.5 metres wide, Fat hooker provides a comfortable ride and cruises at 17 knots. Additionally she is kitted out with all the required equipment for your shark fishing Seaquest fishing chartersadventure. Creature comforts include padded seating, full roof cover and on board toilet.
FV Seaquest
Purpose built by Steber international in Taree, Seaquest is a lean mean fishing machine. Powered by a 6.9 litre turbo diesel Cummins. Seaquest will get you out to the local sharks at a rapid pace. Features include comfortable seating, high quality electronics and on board toilet.

Want more information?

Two quality purpose fishing charter boats are available for private group bookings to head offshore on one of our gold coast mulloway fishing charters to target these big brutes. We recommend the colder winter months. For more information, feel free to give us a call on Call us at 07 55299658

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