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Get out on the water with us for some serious Cobia fishing Gold coast.cobia fishing gold coast
There are few fish that can pull like a Cobia! Winter months are the prime time to target these migratory beasts on the local offshore reefs east of the Gold coast. Thumper cobia tend to trail whales, sting rays and sharks searching dropped scraps of food. When there is whales or sharks in the region you can be sure that the schools of cobia wont be far behind.

When to target Cobia

You can catch Cobia year round in the South east Queensland region. But probably the easiest time is during the cooler months of April-October. they range in size from 5 to 45 kgs. Its very rare to catch one less than 5kg. They grow at an extremely fast rate.

Cobia Tips

Sight fishing for Cobia makes for some very thrilling fishing. When they rock up under the burley pot, some days they will eat any bait that is offered to them. Other days they can be picky and very selective, at worst they can be down right annoying. Some times you can throw every bait you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply swim back to the deep water.

Cobia are a serious contender and require seriously tough tackle, cheap garbage wont cut it with these fish. Given the chance, cobia will often run for the bottom and slice you off on the jagged coral, with these brutes, recommended tackle is overheads or bigger sized spin reels spooled with a minimum 15kg main line, offerings from manufacturers like Fin-Nor, Daiwa, Shimano and Penn and ideally suited for battling XXXL size cobia.

Gold coast cobia caught on a live baitLanding a Cobia usually requires more than a one attempt. Often you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn its head and make another long hard run for the bottom. Sometimes once hooked they will head up to the top of the water column and surface like a shark, they will often try and circle the boat which becomes tricky when fishing at anchor. Once alongside the boat a heavy duty gaff hook is an essential item.

Prized catches in many ways. Cobia offer the excitement of a long hard fight and are also a quality table fish. With its firm white flesh, it is excellent grilled, barbecued, baked, steamed or fried.
If you have never caught a Cobia, you are missing out on some serious hardcore fishing action, and a great feed. Give it a go you wont be disappointed with cobia fishing Gold coast.

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