Gold Coast Shark Fishing Charters

GC fishing are the coasts only provider of dedicated Gold coast Shark fishing charters and tours.Mako sharks Gold coast
Feel the power as a 300kg man eater takes the bait. Prepare for hours of brutal combat as we do battle with some of the biggest sharks Queensland has to offer. Equally important we actively target and catch a variety of species of sharks including: Hammerheads, Mako’s, Bronze whalers, Tigers, Bull sharks and more.

Our experienced owner operators will blast you out to the local reefs on board our modern fibreglass vessels Fat Hooker and Seaquest. Once anchored up over the reef you will be briefed on the use of the equipment and the baits will be set. Accordingly we will then begin burleying the water to attract the sharks to the baits. Truly experience the adrenaline rush as the reel screams and the shark makes a run for it. once the hook is set we will harness you up and the battle begins. You choose to go it alone or share the rod between the group. Our Gold coast shark fishing charters are a great team building exercise and are excellent for corporate and sports groups alike.

Shark fishing charter information

  • 5 hour and 9 hour shark fishing charters available for private group bookings.Gold coast Shark fishing charters queensland
  • 2 purpose built fishing charter boats available for charter.
  • Top quality Shimano and Penn fishing gear provided
  • Qualified professional crew with extensive experience in both charter and commercial fishing
  • All bait and burley supplied
  • Best Months May-August

Rods and Reels

Gold coast shark fishing charters provide you with state of the art Shimano and penn fishing tackle for your shark fishing adventure. In addition we have a range of Tiagra and International lever drag reels. Similarly fitted to custom made game fishing rods. Our Tiagra 50Ws hold over 1000 metres of 37kg breaking strength monofilament line. Finally we also have a range of tiagra 30s and 30Ws spooled with 15-24kg line.

Target species

  • Bronze whaler Shark, Their maximum length is up to about 3.5 metres (11 ft) and they can weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 lb).Bronze whalers are extremely common on the Gold coasts offshore reefs.
  • Bull sharks are large and chunky. Males can reach 2.1 m (6 ft 11 in) and weigh 91 kg (200 lb). Females can be much larger up to 4 m (13 ft 1 in) and 318 kg (700 lb). The bull shark is well known for its unpredictable, often aggressive behavior.
  • Mako sharks grow to a full-grown length of 1.80–3.5 m (6–11 ft) and to a weigh up to400 kg (880 lb). Mako’s are renowned for their speed and their ability to leap out of the water. Mako sharks have a better hydrodynamic shape than all other sharks.
  • Hammerhead sharks belong to the Sphyrnidae family. So named for the unusual and distinctive shape of their heads, which are a flattened “hammer” shape called. Hammerheads range from 0.9 to 6 m long (3 to 20 feet).

Shark fishing charter boats

FV Fat Hooker

At 12.2 metres long and over 3.5 metres wide, Fat hooker provides a comfortable ride and cruises at 17 knots. Additionally she is kitted out with all the required equipment for your shark fishing adventure. Creature comforts include padded seating, full roof cover and on board toilet.

FV Seaquest

Purpose built by Steber international in Taree, Seaquest is a lean mean fishing machine. Powered by a 6.9 litre turbo diesel Cummins. Seaquest will get you out to the local sharks at a rapid pace. Features include comfortable seating, high quality electronics and on board toilet.

Want more information?

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