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Get out on the water with us for some serious Gold coast Mackerel fishing charters.
There are few fish that can pull line off a reel like a big Spanish mackerel! Mackerel are one of the fastest swimming pelagic species. The warmer months are the prime time to target these migratory fish on the local offshore reefs to the east of the Gold coast. Big  Macks can usually be found anywhere that there is good bait holding structure. Find the bait schools and you will find the Mackerel close by.

mackerel fishing tipsWhen to target Gold coast Mackerel

You can catch Mackerel between December to June in the South east Queensland region. The early part of the Season usually begins with a run of Spotted Mackerel. They usually turn up at closer reefs off Palm beach, Mermaid beach and Southport. A couple of months later the bigger Spanish Mackerel arrive, these bigger predators are usually caught in depths between 10-50 metres.

Mackerel Fishing Tips and Techniques

Sight fishing for Mackerel makes for some extremely thrilling fishing. For Instance when they turn up at the back of the boat under the burley pot. Some days they will eat any bait offered to them. Other days they can be finnicky and very selective, at worst they can be down right frustrating. Some times you can throw every bait you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply return back to the deep blue.

Suitable Tackle

Big Spaniards are a serious contender and require seriously robust tackle, cheap rubbish wont cut it with these bigger fish. Given the chance, a solid mackerel will grab your bait and make a Spanish mackerelblistering high speed run.  With these brutes, recommended tackle is overheads or bigger sized spin reels spooled with a minimum 15kg main line. Therefore offerings from manufacturers like Fin-Nor, Daiwa, Shimano and Penn and ideally suited for battling XXXL Mackerel.

The Fight, Catch the Thrill

Landing a quality Mackerel usually requires more than a one attempt. Often you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn its head and make another long hard run for the horizon. In addition once hooked sometimes they will head up to the top of the water column and other times they will head deep. They will often try and circle the boat which becomes tricky when fishing at anchor. Once alongside the boat a heavy duty gaff hook is an essential item. Beware of their razor shard teeth once you have boated them, a big Spanish is easily capable of taking off a finger!

The Prize

Considered a prized catches in many ways. Mackerel offer the excitement of a long hard fight and are also a quality table fish. With its firm white flesh, it is excellent grilled, barbecued, baked, steamed or fried. Fillets or cutlets both cook up nicely depending upon your preference.
If you have never caught a Mackerel, you are missing out on some serious hardcore fishing action, and a great feed. Give it a go you certainly wont be disappointed with a Gold coast mackerel fishing charter.

Gold coast mackerel fishing chartersFishing Charters

If you don’t have the luxury of owning your boat, don’t despair one of our Gold coast mackerel fishing charters will get you to the fish for a very reasonable price. In other words, we supply the boat, the bait, the burley and most importantly the knowledge and expertise required to catch these high speed demons.

Above all we have two of the best charter boats on the coast. Our charter price is all inclusive, with everything you need to do battle with these awesome sports fish. Of course mackerel aren’t the only species we catch. We actively target and catch a myriad of other species also. These include Cobia, Snapper, Wahoo, Teraglin, Tuskfish and many more. Similarly our friendly expert crews know where to find and catch all of the above fish species. For bookings please feel free to give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622, The Best Value Gold coast mackerel fishing charters are right here.


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