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Yellowtail kingfish Gold coast, (Seriola lalandi) also known as Kingies, are an incredibly fast growing species that mature around when they reach 50-70cm in length. These smaller specimens aregold coast kingies 50 fathom reef often referred to as rats. Whilst still thrilling to catch on light tackle. It’s the larger kingfish that really give peoples arms a good stretching. In fact kingies can grow to 50kg-plus and nearly two metres in length.  Kingfish belong to a large worldwide family of fishes. In Australia, the family is represented by (yellowtail) kingfish, trevally, Samson fish, and amberjacks.

Where to find kingfish off the Gold coast

Kingfish prowl around the rocky shores around the Gold coast seaway walls, as well as the deeper offshore fifty fathom reefs. Juvenile fish are pelagic, free-swimming and often gather under Fads and floating debris such as logs. Adults and occur mainly in open coastal waters and can be found to depths of in excess of 200 metres. They patrol coastlines and offshore reefs, sometimes even entering shallow estuaries in search of food, taking advantage of whatever bait fish are on offer.

Kingfish mainly seem to come on the bite for short periods of time, before turning from marauding eating machines to relaxed ocean cruisers. It can be extremely frustrating when a large school of kingfish turns up under the burley pot. But then rudely ignore and turn away from absolutely everything you throw at them. Kingfish like to feed when there’s some current flowing, and on dawn or dusk.

Kingfish gold coastBest bait for gold coast kingfish

Without a doubt, live baits reign supreme when targeting monster kings. The bulk of our kingfish are caught on live baits. We get a quite few fish on dead baits too, pilchards and squid in particular work well.  Knife jigs worked over deep reefs produce fish too. But when we are serious about landing a big king, we always opt for a live bait. The strike of a big king on a live yakka is mind blowing. They smash the bait with such brute force and dedication that they set the hooks themselves, before scorching away on a blistering run back towards the reef. They are an extremely cool fish and a serious contender.

Fishing Tackle

Yellowtail kingfish can be caught on just about every outfit imaginable depending on their size, from a light spin rod for rats to a 24kg game outfit. What you use will depend on your preference and budget. For XXL kings ideally you want good quality reliable gear. Its best to invest a little more if you can. Generally speaking a bigger sized threadline or an overhead reel with 15-37kg line will beat most gold coast kingfish.

kingfish fishing gold coastRigs for Kingfish

Every aspect of your rigging and knots needs to be up to the task. Trace line should be a minimum of 37kg (80 lb), depending on the size of ones live bait and hooks, swivels should be good quality and hooks strong enough to land a hard fighting fish. Hook sizes are typically 6/0 to 10/0, depending on bait size. Live bait and circle patterns work well.

Rigs vary depending on depth of water, bait size and current. Both paternosters and lightly weighted running sinker rigs will get the job done.

Gold Coast Fishing Charters – Kingfish Gold Coast

If you don’t have a boat it is possible to sometimes catch kingfish off the land. however you greatly increase your chances of catching one if you can get out to the wider 50 fathom grounds. That’s where we come in!

Gold coast fishing charters own and operate two high quality fishing charter boats. Both of our vessels are available for private group bookings. Simply gather up your friends, and family and book a boat for a full day charter chasing kingfish, Snapper, Pearl perch and more! Call our friendly staff for more information. Call 07 55299658

Snapper and kingfish fishing charter

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Kingfish Gold Coast!




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