Gold Coast Fishing Clubs.

Joining one of the many Gold coast fishing clubs is a great way to meet like minded people that share your passion for fishing. For instance most clubs have a wide variety of members from allGold coast fishing clubswalks of life. You will find and get to know people with years of fishing knowledge. Most member will happily share their tips and techniques with you. This will assist you to become a more accomplished and successful angler.

Types of Fishing Clubs.

Gold coast fishing clubs vary widely in size, some of the bigger clubs have literally hundreds of members. However there is also a plethora of smaller clubs out there too, many are run by local pubs, clubs and other community groups.

Selecting the right club is important, some clubs cater to specific fishing styles. Such as game fishing, estuary fishing, deep sea etc. Be sure to check out a few before you decide to commit to joining one. After all most clubs these days have high quality website packed with great information, pics and even videos. In addition you call the contacts on their pages and talk to members about your requirements. Further to that, most clubs will let you attend their monthly meetings as a visitor before committing to paying fees and joining as a member.

Similarly some clubs cater more for families, while others can be a bit of a boys club so to speak. This is an important consideration if you want to bring the wife and kids along too.

Fishing Club Charters.

Fishing club charter Gold coastOur charters cater to many fishing clubs, Gold coast fishing charters operate deep sea reef and game fishing trips seven days a week, weather permitting. We supply top quality fishing tackle and all the bait required. Alternatively, Gold coast fishing club members are also welcome to bring along their own favourite outfit, provided its suitable to our style of fishing.

GC fishing can cater for big and small groups alike. Our charters target and catch a wide variety of species, including but not limited to. Snapper, Cobia, King fish, Mackerel, Marlin, Teraglin, Tuna, Tuskfish, and many more. Check out our home page for more information about our fishing charters or give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622.

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