Shark Fishing Gold Coast.

Looking for some arm stretching, adrenalin pumping fun, Shark fishing Gold coast will test your skills. However, you need to be able to get out to where the big toothy critters reside, that’s whereGold coast shark fishing charters we come in. GC fishing charters are the leading provider of offshore shark fishing charters. In addition our expert skippers know all of the best local reefs that regularly hold large sharks. Furthermore we also provide all of the required bait, burley. And top of the line Shimano and Penn fishing tackle for you to use. Target species include Bull sharks, Bronze whalers, Makos, Tiger sharks and Hammerheads.

Shark Fishing Charters.

Experience the power as a 300kg man eater picks up the bait and the reel begins to scream, prepare for hours of brutal combat as we do battle with some of the biggest sharks Australia has to offer.

GC Fishing use a wide variety of dead and live baits while targeting sharks on the Gold coasts offshore reefs. Our favourite bait is whole mack tuna, the bigger the better!! Baits vary in size from 1/2 shark fishing gold coastkg tuna fillets right up to whole tuna in excess of 10kgs.
We also use mullet, bonito and other oily flesh baits. Preferred live baits include slimy mackerel, bonito and yellowtail.
A good burley trail is absolutely essential to attract sharks to the baits. Once the baits are set, burleying begins. Any fish flesh makes good burley, where possible we use Mack tuna flesh as its nice and oily and breaks up with ease when mashed in the pot. This in turn creates a slick miles long in order to attract hungry sharks.

Our Gold coast shark fishing charters are mainly catch and release. However if you catch one that is under 1.5 metres you may keep it if you choose. Larger modelsshark fishing tackle above 1.5 metres, by law have to be released to fight another day.

Shark Fishing Charter boats.

Two quality purpose built shark fishing charter boats are available for private group bookings to head offshore to target these beasts. We recommend the colder winter months. The shark packs tend to follow the whale pods in winter and tend to be around in bigger numbers increasing the chances of a hook up. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 07 55299658.


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