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Gold Coast Fishing Clubs

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Gold Coast Fishing Clubs.

Joining one of the many Gold coast fishing clubs is a great way to meet like minded people that share your passion for fishing. For instance most clubs have a wide variety of members from allGold coast fishing clubswalks of life. You will find and get to know people with years of fishing knowledge. Most member will happily share their tips and techniques with you. This will assist you to become a more accomplished and successful angler.

Types of Fishing Clubs.

Gold coast fishing clubs vary widely in size, some of the bigger clubs have literally hundreds of members. However there is also a plethora of smaller clubs out there too, many are run by local pubs, clubs and other community groups.

Selecting the right club is important, some clubs cater to specific fishing styles. Such as game fishing, estuary fishing, deep sea etc. Be sure to check out a few before you decide to commit to joining one. After all most clubs these days have high quality website packed with great information, pics and even videos. In addition you call the contacts on their pages and talk to members about your requirements. Further to that, most clubs will let you attend their monthly meetings as a visitor before committing to paying fees and joining as a member.

Similarly some clubs cater more for families, while others can be a bit of a boys club so to speak. This is an important consideration if you want to bring the wife and kids along too.

Fishing Club Charters.

Fishing club charter Gold coastOur charters cater to many fishing clubs, Gold coast fishing charters operate deep sea reef and game fishing trips seven days a week, weather permitting. We supply top quality fishing tackle and all the bait required. Alternatively, Gold coast fishing club members are also welcome to bring along their own favourite outfit, provided its suitable to our style of fishing.

GC fishing can cater for big and small groups alike. Our charters target and catch a wide variety of species, including but not limited to. Snapper, Cobia, King fish, Mackerel, Marlin, Teraglin, Tuna, Tuskfish, and many more. Check out our home page for more information about our fishing charters or give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622.

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Gold coast party pontoons

Gold Coast Party Pontoons.

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Family BBQ Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons

When it comes to Gold Coast BBQ Boat Hire, no BBQ Boats are more family friendly than those from Gold Coast Party Pontoons.

Family Friendly Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons’ vessels are comfortable, roomy and weatherproof in almost any conditions.  The roofs are insulated so the interior stays comfortable on the sunniest of days (and lets face it, nearly every day on the Gold Coast is sunny).  There are pull down “cafe clears” that can close of any wind or rain.  But there is one feature that we know keeps the ladies happy – all of our boats have fully enclosed flushing toilets.  Did you know that some BBQ hire boats on the Gold Coast don’t have any toilets at all?

Real BBQ Boats

boat hireOur BBQ Boats actually have real BBQs.  It seems obvious but the reality is, some boat hire operators are advertising BBQ boats when they don’t actually have any BBQs.  Not only do we have built in BBQs on all vessels, they are top of the line stainless steel BBQs that will keep even the most BBQ obsessed Dads happy with the size and functionality, and the most fastidious ladies happy with the cleanliness.  You get to bring your own food too so no fear of being hit up for overpriced sausages after you book.

The boats also have big cooler boxes to keep your food fresh and your drinks icy cold.

Boating on Gold Coast’s Broadwater

Gold Coast Party Pontoons vessels have motors that are big enough to give you a great cruising range and small enough that you don’t need a boat licence to drive them.  From our base at Runaway Bay Marina, you can comfortably cruise to Wavebreak Island, Tipplers or even Jumpinpin.  The vessels are roomy enough for you to play on the way and fast enough for you to have time to play at your destination.  Of course you don’t need a destination.  You can just cruise the day away and stop for a swim or to explore at your whim.

Party Boat Hire

Gold Coast Party Pontoons have four vessels that can carry 10 or 12 passengers so there is room for your family and friends.  Most of the vessels are built for more passengers than we have licencedself drive pontoon boat them for so they are exceptionally roomy.  The Ultimate for example is designed for 20 passengers but we have licenced it for 12.  The vessels are also pet friendly and your pooch is not counted in the passenger list!

The BBQ boats are ready to go so you just need to show up on the day with your food and drinks and sail away.  Your biggest decision may be whose phone songlist to sync up to the awesome sound system.

You can get an online quote and even make a booking on our website or go old school and give us a call (apprently thats what the numbers on your phone were designed for!!) on 0417 780 260

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Winter Snapper deep sea fishing Gold coast

Snapper Fishing Charters – Gold Coast

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Snapper Fishing Charters Gold Coast.Snapper fishing charters

The cooler winter season is prime time to book a Snapper fishing charters Gold Coast.

About Snapper.

Snapper A highly sought after species targeted by both recreational and commercial fishermen in most states around Australia. A Big Snapper is a prized trophy fish, well known for their hard Snapper fishing charters gold coastfighting abilities, stunning appearance and sensational eating qualities. Snapper are actually members of the Sea bream family, and closely related to Bream and Tarwhine.

Snapper when first removed from the water are a beautiful bright pink with blue spots. Older fish develop a knob on their heads in later life. Snapper as also commonly known as Squire, Red bream and Knobbys. Bigger specimens can reach up to 1 metre in length and weigh in excess of 10kg’s.

Gold Coast Snapper.

fishing for snapperSnapper are a demersal (bottom-dwelling) fish species but also spend time feeding in higher up in the water column. They prefer reef structures and areas with broken bommies and sand. During in the Winter months Gold coast Snapper move in from the deeper waters to spawn. As the weather warms up again in summer they move back out into deeper water and disappear from the 24, 36 and 50 fathom reefs.

Snapper are mostly carnivorous. They will happily feed on Shell fish, Squid, Fish flesh, Pilchards and Octupus. When it comes to bait, top quality pilchards seem to be the most productive.

Where We Fish.

There is a diverse range of  bottom types an various depths  where Gold Coast Snapper like to hide, we pay very close attention to seasonal movements and fisheries regulations. When targeting Snapper fishing adventures todaySnapper on shallow inshore reefs between 18-50 fathoms (30-100 metres). We look for broken rubble/reef structures with patches of sand and gravel in between. Snapper will often mark up on our depth sounder as arches sitting up off the bottom, and at various depths through the water column, usually above or around structure. Which reefs we fish depends upon the charter option you choose. For instance Half or Full day trip.

Quality Snapper Fishing Charters.

Get on board with the friendly crew on board FV “Fat Hooker” and Seaquest”, We provide everything you need for a memorable day out fishing for Snapper. In addition, we also catch other species such as Cobia, Teraglin, Pearl Perch and more. For all your charter requirements, please feel free to call our friendly staff on 07 55109622 or Book Instantly Online.

To sum up, Snapper Fishing Charters Gold coast are a great way to spend a day.


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Solid Dolphinfish

Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters Gold Coast

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Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters Gold Coast

December – April

Adventures today Mahi mahi fishing charters gold coastMahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast are adrenalin pumping fun. Above all Mahi mahi are one of the prettiest of all pelagic game fish species. Interestingly the name Mahi mahi, originated from the native Hawaiian language and roughly translates to “strong”. In fact they are one of the fastest swimming fish in the sea.

Mahi mahi are a member of the family Coryphaenidae (dolphinfishes) and can grow to 2.1m in length and over 40kgs in weight. Although fish around the 8-20kg are the most common sizes caught on board our Mahi mahi fishing charters off the Gold Coast.
A fast growing Pelagic, schooling fish species that live near the surface most of the time, often found around FADs and floating debris such as logs, and palm fronds.

Offshore Fishing For Mahi Mahi.

Mahi mahi fishing trips QueenslandFast fish that often leap from the water during the fight, their aerial antics are a sight to behold. A hungry fish Will happily take trolled skirts, deep  diving lures, live bait asfat hooker well as pilchards and whole squid. Trolling, live baiting and casting small slugs or pilchards at FADS. For instance, are the tried and proven methods that we use on our Gold coast fishing charters. Not only are they extreme fun to catch they are sensational on the plate too. A big one will feed the whole family and some more!

Gold coast fishing charters have been operating the two best charter boats on the Gold coast for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise is second to none. Similarly our boats kept maintained to highest standard. Fat hooker and Seaquest will blast you out to the Mahi mahi fishing grounds at lightening speed.

Mahi mahi Fishing Trips.

Book Online Fishing Charters Gold coastWe offer half and full day gold coast mahi mahi fishing trips during the warmer months. Our trips represent the best possible value for money. In addition the GC fishing crew will go great lengths to get you that monster fish. However we recommend you have a big breakfast prior to boarding the boat. A thumper Mahi mahi will test both your strength and stamina. Visit Gold coast fishing for more detailed information about our charters.

The ultimate Mahi mahi fishing charters Gold coast. Book today phone 07 5510 9622.

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