MV Danesa K

The Gold Coast is among the finest deep sea fishing locations in the world! If you want to experience a truly authentic fishing adventure then get in touch with us! Gold Coast fishing charters offer a number of different trips and charters that are well suited to both experienced fishermen and amateur anglers.

We offer Private group charters on our boat the: MV “Danesa K” – We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an incredible and memorable fishing experience for absolutely anyone, whether they are unfamiliar with the sport or are seasoned professionals. Our crew and experienced, friendly and highly professional and will gladly share their expert advice with you! You will learn some formidable techniques that will enable you to reel in some monster pelagic and bottom dwelling species of fish.

Our target species include: Snapper, Cobia, Wahoo, Tuna, Mackerel, Marlin, Jewfish and many different varieties of beautiful sea creatures. However we have captured a vast variety of fish when out on the Gold Coast which is all part of the excitement.

Offshore Reef & Game Fishing

Offshore Reef & Game Fishing

When you’re out on the Gold Coast the weather can be quite exhausting at times. The blistering heat can often become too much and sometimes we can encounter rain. Fortunately all of our boats are equipped with a full cover roof to provide you with all of the comfort and sanctuary from the elements that you will require. Your safety is important to us and so we provide comfortable seating, clean and sanitary toilets and complimentary refrigerated drinking water.

  • High-end fishing rods & reels
  • Top quality fishing tackle
  • Fresh bait
  • A friendly and experienced crew

We understand that fishing is often much more enjoyable with a nice cold beer in hand so feel free to bring your own alcohol if you wish. This charter packages includes all of the equipment and the bait and tackle required; we also offer a free shuttle bus service to the departure point from all local Gold Coast accommodation.



  • Half day deep sea reef and game fishing (5 hours)
    6am-11am or 11:30am-4:30pm

Saturday and Sunday:         $2200  for up to 20 people
Weekday special Mon-fri:  
$2000  for up to 20 people

  • Full day deep sea reef and game fishing (9 hours)

Saturday and Sunday:         $3700  for up to 20 people
Weekday special Mon-fri:  $3400  for up to 20 people

Departure point

Departure point

The departure point is located at the Muriel Henchman Drive Main Beach 4217. It is called the ‘The Spit pontoon’. The 5 hour morning trip and full day charters depart at 6.00am, whereas the half day afternoon charters depart at 11.30am.

If you are having trouble locating the Pontoon simply head past the SeaWorld Nara Resort. Keep

MV "Seaquest"

MV "Danesa K"

MV "Fat Hooker"

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