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Fishing Weekend Gold Coast

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Fishing Weekend Gold Coast

Looking for an action packed, Gold coast fishing weekend with your mates or family? The Gold coast is a fisherman’s paradise, with a wide range of  quality accommodation and fishing charter options available. Offshore fishing can be tiring. Particularly if you have been out on a full day trip in the sun all day. Accordingly, if you have a considerable distance to drive home, you may prefer to make a weekend of it.

Weekend Fishing GetawaysAccommodation for your fishing weekend

In this case you will find the Gold coast has a plethora of hotels, Air bnb’s, caravan parks and apartments available for your stay. Everyone has their own individual needs when it comes to the type of accommodation required. Subsequently its advisable to do your research first. For instance what suits the family with kids may not be suitable for a rowdy boys weekend. Whatever your preference shop around for the best possible deal. Keep in mind that its often best to call charter operators and hotels directly to get the best possible price.


Location, Where to stay

Almost all Gold coast fishing charters depart from Main beach. For the most part if you have your own transport your options are endless. Provided you don’t mind a short drive to get to your boats departure point. Generally speaking there is little traffic on Gold coast roads early in the morning. The only exception is when major events are being held. For example the V8 Supercars or the Gold coast marathon. Allow extra time when these events are running. Many people combine their visit to the Gold coast to attend these events and then stay on for a few days to participate in other activities such as fishing, jet boating and Whale watching.

In the event that you have flown in to town and don’t have your own transport, your best option would be to book your stay at Main beach or Surfers paradise. These options are only a short ride to the departure point by taxi or Uber. Likewise, if your keen Main beach is within walking distance.

fishing weekend gold coast brisbane

Planning your fishing weekend

Their are so many things to do on the Gold coast. Do you want to fish all weekend? Or perhaps fish one day and take the wife and kids out the next? The options are endless, fish half the day and you can be back at your hotel by lunchtime to hit the beach in the afternoon. Firstly you need to decide whether its going to be a full blown fishing weekend, or a more relaxed weekend that will take in at least one fishing activity. Once you have your plan in place, you can then look at your charter options.

weekend fishing chartersCharter options – Gold coast

  • Half day deep sea fishing charter. The most popular Gold coast fishing charter option. Two departure times available at 6am for the early birds and 11am for those who like to sleep a little longer in the morning. Accordingly half day trips are ideal for families and groups of friends. Various target species – Cobia, snapper, Mahi mahi, Tuskfish, mackerel and more. Most operate 7 days a week.
  • Full day offshore fishing charter. A longer nine hour trip that is available by private group bookings of keen anglers. More time allows the boat to head out to deeper reefs in search of a variety of species. Not suited to young children or people with mobility issues.
  • Inshore calm water fishing tour. Great for the kids and the avid estuary anglers. Target and catch species such as Bream, flathead, Trevally and more. Usually a four to five hour trip.

Gold coast bucks party fishing charters

Seasons – Summer – Winter

Off the Gold coast you will find plenty of different species to wet your fishing appetite. The cooler winter months provide calmer conditions and more consistent bottom fishing for species like snapper, teraglin, tuskfish, cobia, pearl perch amongst others.

As the mercury rises and we enter the warmer months of summer, the speed demons begin to turn up. The gold coast is considered one of the worlds premier game fishing regions. Pelagic species that regularly frequent gold coast waters include: Mackerel, Wahoo, Marlin, Mahi mahi and Tuna.

More Information

For more information about our fishing charter options feel free to call our friendly staff on 07 5510 9622

The ulimate fishing experience

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Fishing gold coast big game

Fishing 36s Gold Coast – Tweed Heads – Brisbane

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Fishing The 36s and 50s Gold Coast – Tweed heads

Fishing 36s and 50s off the Gold Coast is a great way to catch some cracking fish! There is plenty of good reef structure scattered along both the 36 fathom and 50 fathom line east of Brisbane, the Gold coast and Tweed heads region. Firstly the 36s, the reef system begins approximately 10 nautical miles due east of the Gold coast. This area holds Snapper, Tuskies, Samson fish and Teraglin. Head a out further 5 Miles and you will arrive at the 50 fathom grounds. Expect to catch Amberjack, pearl perch, Samson fish and Kingies. However don’t discount the 42s in between, as these reefs hold good quality fish too.

fishing 36s gold coast tweed heads and brisbaneSafety First When Fishing Wide

These wider grounds on the 36s and in particular the 50s are a considerable distance off shore. in this case a quality reliable boat of at least 6 metres is recommended. Uncle Roys Tinny that hasn’t been started for two years, should be avoided at all costs if you value your life! The current out wide can run at three knots plus. In the event your motor wont start. In short, your boat can drift a long way in a short period of time. Furthermore help from organisations like VMR and the Coast guard will take at least 1-2 hours to reach you.

A full compliment of safety gear as required by maritime safety Qld is absolutely essential. Always remember that no fish is worth your life. In the event that the weather looks dodgy on the day you plan to go out. Stay at home and wait for safer conditions.

Marine safety equipmentFishing 36s Gold Coast Tips and Techniques

Fishing the 36s and 50s can be rewarding. But it has a challenging aspect too. The east Australian current will dictate how heavy, or light you can fish. That is to say, when the current is strong more lead is required to get the bait down deeper in the water column. Patternoster style rigs with snapper leads are ideal when the current is strong. While on better days when there isn’t as much run. As a rule a lighter float line style works better. For example two 5/0 hooks in a snelled rig with a light ball sinker. This rig allows the bait to sink slower and appear more natural to wary fish lurking in the depths.

Pearl perch 36 and 50 fathoms

What Bait to use on 36 and 50 Fathom Reefs

Snapper, Pearl Perch, Venus Tuskfish, Teraglin

Good quality fresh bait is critical, if you have old stuff use it as burley and put the good stuff on your hooks. Pilchards are a known favourite of the local Snapper as are fresh squid, its important that you present your bait as naturally looking as possible. Hence it also needs to stay on your hooks until it reaches the fish down deeper in the water column. In short pillies and squid will catch snapper, pearlies, tusk fish and larger predators.

36 fathom reefs. Gold spotted wrasseAmberjack, Samson Fish, Kingfish, Cod

If you want get serious about chasing the bigger brutes that hang out wide and you have time. Live baits are well worth chasing on the bait grounds east of Southport between 12-18 fathoms in depth. Bait fish are usually easy to get, check out our live bait fishing article for detailed information. Be sure to keep your livies in a tank with good water circulation to maintain their health while travelling out wide.

Amberjack 50 fathoms

Pelagic Species – Mahi mahi, Black, blue and striped Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna

The warmer summer months bring strong currents and the pelagic species come out to play. Similarly, surface fishing 36s and 50s can produce some spectacular trophy fish. Tactics include Trolling, Switch baiting, and flicking lightly weighted baits at FADs. How long these fast moving pelagic fish hang around for depends on the water temperature. It varies from year to year.

Marlin fishing 36s and 50s
Charter Fishing 36s and 50s Gold Coast

As we mentioned earlier in the article. A reliable boat with all the safety equipment is the number one requirement to fish the deeper 36 and 50 fathom reef systems. In the event that you don’t have a boat, or perhaps you lack the experience or confidence to head many miles to sea in a small boat. All is not lost. You can still get out there and catch some great fish. Just gather up a bunch of your mates. Then contact Gold coast fishing charters to charter a boat for your family and friends.


how to catch mackerel

How to Catch Mackerel – Gold Coast

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How To Catch Mackerel off The Gold Coast

Need to know how to catch mackerel off the Gold coast, Author and contributor Anthony Coughran reveals all the secrets below.

Mackerel (toothy torpedos)

We are exceptionally lucky to have such a sensational mackerel fishery on our door step just off the Gold coast. As they chase the warmer water south they grace most of the closer reefs with their presence.
We have seven key mackerel species that visit Australian shores. Grey Mackerel, school mackerel, shark mackerel, snake mackerel, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel and Wahoo. Most range from south of Sydney all the way through the top end to Bunbury in WA. With different species stalking different reef systems. Plus 7 sub bait species included in this family. Slimies, yakka’s, jack and mouth mackerel are all included in this family.

How to catch mackerel Gold coastTypes of Mackerel

Mackerel definitely have the most gnarliest teeth out of any fish. Besides sharks. The teeth on mackerel can be compared to a serrated tin can and are easily capable of slicing through flesh like a hot knife through butter. They slice up bait fish and come back to finish the severed fish at its will. A good indication of mackerel being in the area is scales of bait fish floating by.

  • Grey mackerel

    (Scomberomorus semifasciatus) ( broad barred )
    can grow up to 120cm. Size and bag limit for QLD is 60cm or greater and bag of 5. Nsw size and bag limit is no size limits and a bag of 20.

  • School mackerel

    ( scomberomorus queenslandicus) (doggie, blotched, Queensland mackerel.)
    Can reach lengths of 100cm. Size limits and bag limits for QLD is 50cm and a bag of 10. Nsw size and bag limit is no size limit and bag of 20.

  • Shark mackerel

    ( grammatorcynus bicarinatus) ( Scaly)
    Can reach lengths o 130cm size and bag limit for Qld is 50cm and a bag of 10. Nsw size and bag limit is no size limit and a bag of 20.

  • Snake mackerel ( gempylus sepens)

    Can reach lengths of 100cm. Size and bag limits for Qld is no size limits and a bag of 20. NSW size and bag limit is no size limits and a bag of 20.

  • Spanish mackerel

    ( scombermorus commerson) ( narrow barred, spanyd, blue )
    Can reach lengths of 240cm. Size and bag limits for Qld is 75cm or greater and a bag of 3. NSW size and bag limit is 75cm and bag of 5.

  • Spotted mackerel

    (Scomberomorus munroi) ( spotted, spotty, spotties)
    Can reach lengths of 104cm. Size and bag limit for Qld is 60cm or greater and a bag of 5. NSW size and bag limit is 60cm and bag of 5.

  • Wahoo

    ( acanthocybium solandri) (bastard, jack, mongrel, pike mackerel.)
    Can reach lengths of 210cm and is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Bag and size limits for Qld is 75 and a bag of 2. NSW size and bag limit is no size limits and a bag of 5.

mackerel fishing Gold coast
Different mackerel like to hang in different places

School mackerel: like to hang around inshore/ offshore coral reefs, shale bottom and reef edges. Schoolies like rocky headlands and rocky out crops.
Shark Mackie:  Also like to hang on reef and sandie bottoms and around reef edges and flat reefs.
Snake Mack’s: are usually found around offshore sea mounts, deep ridges and the self.
Spaniards: love ledges with current, headlands, rock bars, and reef edges. They can be found out to the edge of the continental shelf.
Spotted Mackerel: found in flat reefs, reef edges, rocky and sandy open waters in bays, coastlines and offshore coral reefs.
Wahoo: like to hang in current lines around coastal reefs rocky/ sandy reef ledges offshore reefs, reef channels, shoals, headlands and pinnacles.

How to Catch Mackerel – Tips and Techniques

Bait fishing for Gold coast mackerel

Wire is normally a must as the teeth on most mackerel are gnarly. In addition mackerel will easily slice straight through any fluorocarbon or monofilament.


An unweighted half or whole pillie can often get the fussiest of mackerel to bite. Once you have found the schooled up fish. Pillies are mainly used under a float either while drifting or anchored.

Dead baits for towing

slimies, Bonnie’s, small mack tuna, frigates, gar and pillies all work well as trolled Baits. Different baits work better for different mackerel. Towing pillies, and slimies are good for spotties, shark, school and grey’s. Where towing Bonnie’s, mack tuna, frigates and gar are good for spaniards and wahoo.

mackerel fishing palm beach gold coast
Live baits For Mackerel

Best live baits for mackerel is Slimies, Frigates, Bonnie’s, trevally and yakka’s. Either slow trolled, drifting or anchored.

Bait set ups for mackerel

You don’t need to go super heavy for most mackerel a 15- 30lb set up for school, grey, shark or spotties will do the job. 15-50lb gel coated wire is best. 20-50lb set up for spaniards and wahoo with 30-80lb gel wire.

Artificial’s for mackerel

How to catch Mackerel with Skirts

Skirts are still one of the best ways to score a wahoo. You cover ground while you fish. 5- 9inch skirts work best. Cut face skirts still seem to be catching more off our shores then most other skirt patterns. You want to troll your skirts between 6- 12knts depending on current speed and the type of skirts. But you will be able to tell if they are skipping or not. You want your skirts sitting at the front side of the waves created by the wake of the boat. Fish will only hit the lures at the bottom of the waves.

So set you lures at the right length so ensure you get the best out of them. Teasers help a lot as well. Try and always line your tow up so you are heading away from the sun. As you will always get more hook ups.
Best colours: pink, purple, blacks and lumo.
Set up: 20- 60lb mono. We troll with mono so they won’t cut you off. Using braid will Often result in line cutting, so one line cutting the other if they get crossed. Over head set ups work best but jigging rods with 12000 spin gear works well too.


20- 80g metals work well on mackerel once located. Casting in front of these schooled up fish and ripping it past them will result in hook ups. If they are hitting this technique. Cast out Let it sink for about 20- 60secs. Then rip it in. Speed is essential to hook ups. Faster the better. A slower wobbling rod tip retrieve also works well.
Colours: doesn’t matter as its all about the speed of retrieval.
Set up: 15- 40lb braid 20- 50lb leader. 17- 50lb rod and a 4000- 10000 reels.

Tothy tornado on the chase Wahoo
How to Catch mackerel with Hard bodied lures

Deep and shallow diving lures also catch mackerel. Ex rap, laser pro and pacemakers are just a few and they all work well.
Colour: red head, slimy and purples work well.
Set ups: same as your skirt gear. 20-80lb mono. Over head or heavy spin gear. Having a down rigger will help your lure hit the right depth. Can use the same as your skirt gear.

Popper/ stick baits

Once you have found them. You can start to throw stick baits and poppers around them. These lures particularly work best around the reef edges. Colours: red head, slimy, green and gold and purples.
Set up: you want heavy spin gear. 20- 50lb braid to 30- 80lb leader On a 7ft rod and a 5000- 12000 reel.

Spanish mackerel and Wahoo
Micro jigs

Jigs are used in much the same way as metals. Drop to the bottom once you have found the schooled up fish. Then rip them back up through the water column. Faster the better.
Colours: doesn’t matter it’s about how fast you work them.
Set up: same as metals. 20- 40lb braid 30- 50lb leader. 7ft rod with a 4000- 8000 reel.


Used much the same way as metals. Let them sink and rip them in. Heavy jig heads. 5- 9inch profiles.
Colours: greens, blues, pinks, purples and pearls.

Catch mackerel - How to guide
Fish preservation and cleaning

Once caught you want to bleed your fish as it will let all the blood out of the muscles and flesh. A quick cut through the gill lining or the vain in throat, then a brain spike and straight onto the ice box will keep your catch in the best eating condition. Mackerel are great on the chew when bleed and put straight into an ice slurry or on ice. Mackerel are also very good raw ( sashimi ) with a bit of soy and wasabi it’s great.

They are very nice steaked or filleted and crumbed, deep fried, pan fried, steamed, in a salad, on a sandwich, curried, garlic style or even just baked whole or whole on the BBQ and even done in pasta. Just add a few herbs, spices, lemon and garlic or what ever floats your boat and get into them. They also freeze quiet well. As the flesh doesn’t form as many ice crystals as lots of other fish and is only one of a few fish I will actually freeze. But fresh is always so much better. Mackerel is one of only a couple of species I will freeze. Their muscle bands don’t leave much moisture to swell while freezing. Hence the flesh stays good. Most fish species have a high moisture content in their flesh. So they don’t freeze well. But Mack’s are one species you can freeze.

Mackerel seasonOnly take what you need

* remember to only take what you need. As it’s not always necessary to keep your bag limit or more fish then you can eat that night.
* caution is advised once fish is landed. They still have a lot of energy and are very strong and can often result in injury from there teeth and from hooks coming loose and in bedding into your flesh. A wet towel straight over its head and eyes is the best way to calm any fish.

Having a fish ID app, fish ID books like Grants guide to fish or a fish almanac will help you identify the species you have caught. Which mean there will be no confusion when you get back in or with dpi. Or you can ask us. But if you are unsure take a pic and throw it back. If you would like to learn more about how to catch mackerel why not book on one of our Gold Coast Fishing Charters. Best Months are December to April.

shark chartersfishing charters gold coast





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Yellowtail Kingfish Gold Coast

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Yellowtail Kingfish Gold Coast – Offshore Fishing

Yellowtail kingfish Gold coast, (Seriola lalandi) also known as Kingies, are an incredibly fast growing species that mature around when they reach 50-70cm in length. These smaller specimens aregold coast kingies 50 fathom reef often referred to as rats. Whilst still thrilling to catch on light tackle. It’s the larger kingfish that really give peoples arms a good stretching. In fact kingies can grow to 50kg-plus and nearly two metres in length.  Kingfish belong to a large worldwide family of fishes. In Australia, the family is represented by (yellowtail) kingfish, trevally, Samson fish, and amberjacks.

Where to find kingfish off the Gold coast

Kingfish prowl around the rocky shores around the Gold coast seaway walls, as well as the deeper offshore fifty fathom reefs. Juvenile fish are pelagic, free-swimming and often gather under Fads and floating debris such as logs. Adults and occur mainly in open coastal waters and can be found to depths of in excess of 200 metres. They patrol coastlines and offshore reefs, sometimes even entering shallow estuaries in search of food, taking advantage of whatever bait fish are on offer.

Kingfish mainly seem to come on the bite for short periods of time, before turning from marauding eating machines to relaxed ocean cruisers. It can be extremely frustrating when a large school of kingfish turns up under the burley pot. But then rudely ignore and turn away from absolutely everything you throw at them. Kingfish like to feed when there’s some current flowing, and on dawn or dusk.

Kingfish gold coastBest bait for gold coast kingfish

Without a doubt, live baits reign supreme when targeting monster kings. The bulk of our kingfish are caught on live baits. We get a quite few fish on dead baits too, pilchards and squid in particular work well.  Knife jigs worked over deep reefs produce fish too. But when we are serious about landing a big king, we always opt for a live bait. The strike of a big king on a live yakka is mind blowing. They smash the bait with such brute force and dedication that they set the hooks themselves, before scorching away on a blistering run back towards the reef. They are an extremely cool fish and a serious contender.

Fishing Tackle

Yellowtail kingfish can be caught on just about every outfit imaginable depending on their size, from a light spin rod for rats to a 24kg game outfit. What you use will depend on your preference and budget. For XXL kings ideally you want good quality reliable gear. Its best to invest a little more if you can. Generally speaking a bigger sized threadline or an overhead reel with 15-37kg line will beat most gold coast kingfish.

kingfish fishing gold coastRigs for Kingfish

Every aspect of your rigging and knots needs to be up to the task. Trace line should be a minimum of 37kg (80 lb), depending on the size of ones live bait and hooks, swivels should be good quality and hooks strong enough to land a hard fighting fish. Hook sizes are typically 6/0 to 10/0, depending on bait size. Live bait and circle patterns work well.

Rigs vary depending on depth of water, bait size and current. Both paternosters and lightly weighted running sinker rigs will get the job done.

Gold Coast Fishing Charters – Kingfish Gold Coast

If you don’t have a boat it is possible to sometimes catch kingfish off the land. however you greatly increase your chances of catching one if you can get out to the wider 50 fathom grounds. That’s where we come in!

Gold coast fishing charters own and operate two high quality fishing charter boats. Both of our vessels are available for private group bookings. Simply gather up your friends, and family and book a boat for a full day charter chasing kingfish, Snapper, Pearl perch and more! Call our friendly staff for more information. Call 07 55299658

Snapper and kingfish fishing charter

The ulimate fishing experience

Kingfish Gold Coast!




Snapper – Pearl Perch – Fishing Closure

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Snapper Fishing Closure – Gold Coast – Queensland

Unfortunately fisheries have imposed a closure on Snapper and Pearl perch stocks. In fact the closure applies to theSnapper fishing adventures today whole of Queensland and also includes Snapper stocks off the Gold coast. While we don’t really feel that local Snapper stocks on the Gold coast are in serious decline. We are not totally opposed to the idea either. Above all, if it helps secure great gold coast snapper stocks for future generations. Then all well and good.

Below is an extract from the official statement from Qld government. the full statement can be found here.

Snapper and pearl perch will be no-take species in Queensland waters for one month starting 15 July (from 12.01AM).

Winter Snapper Gold coastMinister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said this new closure would apply to all fishers – commercial, charter and recreational.

“This seasonal closure is similar to spawning closures for Barramundi and reef fin fish species. Which have been critical to ensuring the sustainability of these fisheries,” Mr Furner said.

“During this closure, I encourage fishers to target other species and take advantage of the fish aggregating devices (FADs) that have been installed along the South East Queensland coast.

“We are taking this step because snapper and pearl perch stocks are depleted and we need to take the pressure off.  To ensure there are fish for future, we need to take action now.”


Plenty of fish in the sea

Moving forward, as far as fishing charter operators are concerned. We will simply focus our attention on the manycobia fishing gold coast other target species that are available throughout July and August. Firstly winter is prime time for chasing species like Cobia, Trag, Kingfish, Tuskfish, Mulloway, Tuna and many more. Furthermore if by chance you do happen to catch a quality snapper. All is not lost, we will take some great pics of you holding it. Before carefully releasing the fish. Certainly there is a fair amount of satisfaction in letting a big fish swim off to fight again another day. In addition, you will have photos and memories that will last a life time.

Have fun while maintaining sustainable stock levels

While we all love to take home a nice feed for our families to enjoy. Fishing is not about indiscriminately killing and keeping everything that is hauled over the railing. At Gold coast fishing charters we support sustainable fishing and abide by all rules and regulations stipulated by Qld fisheries.

Bag limits and minimum sizes

Snapper fishing closureWe love to see our customers take home some dinner as well as fond memories. Fair and reasonable size and bag limits apply to most species. In fact you can keep anything you catch provided its legal.

More Information – Book a charter

If you would like more information about our Gold coast fishing charters feel free to give us a call on 07 55299658

fishing charters gold coast

Labrador fishing charters Qld

Labrador Fishing Charters

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Labrador fishing charters

Labrador fishing charters. Gold Coast charters operate the two best local fishing charter boats that depart twice daily from Muriel Henchman drive at Main beach. Just 15 minutes drive fromfishing charters Labrador on the Gold coast Broadwater.
We operate 7 days a week (weather permitting) and offer half day and full day offshore deep sea reef and game fishing charters. targeting a wide range of pelagic and bottom fish species. For example, Snapper, Tailor, Tusk fish, mackerel, Wahoo, marlin, Tuna, Jewfish, Teraglin, Tuskfish, Kingfish, Cobia and many more.

Fishing trip Departure times

Deep sea fishing labrador6am-11am or 11am-4pm.
Accordingly our tournament winning owner skippers will give it their best to get you on to some prime quality eating fish. Indeed you will be fishing on the best local reefs to the east of Surfers paradise and Labrador. Furthermore you will be fishing in water between 30-100 metres deep depending on weather conditions. Not to mention seasonal availability of our various pelagic and bottom dwelling target species.

We supply all the bait and tackle required and the know how required to achieve a good fishing technique and boat a great catch. Additionally GC charters also supply cold bottled water, and expert crew.
Our boats are big, stable and comfortable, we can accommodate groups of up to 18 people onboard “FV Fat hooker”, and groups of up to 12 people on board “FV Seaquest”.

Both boats are equipped with on board toilets and covered rear decks for protection from the elements.Labrador fishing charters
Come on board and enjoy a great day out fishing off the South east Queensland coast.
For more information about our Coolangatta fishing charters visit our home page or call one of our friendly staff.
​Great for bucks parties, corporate events and parties.

Fishing trips Labrador

All bait and quality fishing tackle, Ice cold bottled water, all legal fish gilled, gutted and bagged up, friendly professional crews. Just bring your hat, sunscreen, seasickness tablets, camera, and something to eat.

For more information call our friendly staff on +61-7-5529-9658

fishing charters gold coast

shark charters

Live bait fishing gold coast

Offshore Mulloway Fishing Charters

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Mulloway Fishing Charters – Gold coast

Chasing big Mulloway requires a lot of patience but can extremely rewarding. Big Jewies are often targeted by anglers off the Gold coast. Its easy to spend several days and nights trying to catch theDeep sea fishing Broadbeach bigger fish. However more often than not. Surprisingly we find we catch them when not specifically targeting them. They often turn up out of the blue on some of the gold coasts shallower reefs between 10-26 fathoms. Furthermore they can also be caught off local beaches and around the gold coast seaway walls.

Jewfish – Mulloway information

Mulloway are also known as Jewfish and are commonly referred to as Jewies. Smaller specimens are often called soapies. None the less they can reach up to 40 kilos and they will happily respond to a wide range of dead and live baits. Best live baits are herring, poddy mullet, yellowtail, and slimy mackerel. Dead baits include mullet either whole, filleted, or butterflied. Additionally pilchards, prawns and other fish flesh baits also work. Remember fresh is best.
Most large Mulloway catches are made at dusk and three hours after dark. Specifically with either no moon or a full moon. On the other hand its not uncommon to catch them in the middle of the day when working shallow reefs off south east Queensland.

Tackle required for Gold coast Mulloway fishing charters

Mulloway fishing charters gold coastFairly heavy tackle is required for big jewies. Accordingly 10-15kg mainline with a minimum 24kg trace is recommended. When a mulloway picks up the bait allow him some time to run with it and then lean back and wind to set the hook. Once hooked a big Mulloway will usually make one very long run initially. Followed by a couple more shorter runs. Take your time and gently work the fish towards the surface. Its better to take a bit more time than to risk losing the fish by over doing it too early in the fight.

Mulloway are a prized catch

A giant Mulloway is a very highly prized catch by all fishos and certainly tests an angler’s skills and equipment to the maximum.
While Mulloway fishing local Gold coast reefs using large baits. Indeed you are also very likely to catch other large brutes such as Cobia, mackerel, cod, snapper and sharks.
If you would like to come on one of our gold coast mulloway fishing charters for your chance to target a monster mulloway please feel free to visit out home page for more information.

Mulloway fishing charter boats

FV Fat Hooker
At 12.2 metres long and over 3.5 metres wide, Fat hooker provides a comfortable ride and cruises at 17 knots. Additionally she is kitted out with all the required equipment for your shark fishing Seaquest fishing chartersadventure. Creature comforts include padded seating, full roof cover and on board toilet.
FV Seaquest
Purpose built by Steber international in Taree, Seaquest is a lean mean fishing machine. Powered by a 6.9 litre turbo diesel Cummins. Seaquest will get you out to the local sharks at a rapid pace. Features include comfortable seating, high quality electronics and on board toilet.

Want more information?

Two quality purpose fishing charter boats are available for private group bookings to head offshore on one of our gold coast mulloway fishing charters to target these big brutes. We recommend the colder winter months. For more information, feel free to give us a call on Call us at 07 55299658

The ulimate fishing experience

fishing charters gold coast

Shark fishing charters gold coast

Gold Coast Shark Fishing Charters

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Gold Coast Shark Fishing Charters

GC fishing are the coasts only provider of dedicated Gold coast Shark fishing charters and tours.Mako sharks Gold coast
Feel the power as a 300kg man eater takes the bait. Prepare for hours of brutal combat as we do battle with some of the biggest sharks Queensland has to offer. Equally important we actively target and catch a variety of species of sharks including: Hammerheads, Mako’s, Bronze whalers, Tigers, Bull sharks and more.

Our experienced owner operators will blast you out to the local reefs on board our modern fibreglass vessels Fat Hooker and Seaquest. Once anchored up over the reef you will be briefed on the use of the equipment and the baits will be set. Accordingly we will then begin burleying the water to attract the sharks to the baits. Truly experience the adrenaline rush as the reel screams and the shark makes a run for it. once the hook is set we will harness you up and the battle begins. You choose to go it alone or share the rod between the group. Our Gold coast shark fishing charters are a great team building exercise and are excellent for corporate and sports groups alike.

Shark fishing charter information

  • 5 hour and 9 hour shark fishing charters available for private group bookings.Gold coast Shark fishing charters queensland
  • 2 purpose built fishing charter boats available for charter.
  • Top quality Shimano and Penn fishing gear provided
  • Qualified professional crew with extensive experience in both charter and commercial fishing
  • All bait and burley supplied
  • Best Months May-August

Rods and Reels

Gold coast shark fishing charters provide you with state of the art Shimano and penn fishing tackle for your shark fishing adventure. In addition we have a range of Tiagra and International lever drag reels. Similarly fitted to custom made game fishing rods. Our Tiagra 50Ws hold over 1000 metres of 37kg breaking strength monofilament line. Finally we also have a range of tiagra 30s and 30Ws spooled with 15-24kg line.

Target species

  • Bronze whaler Shark, Their maximum length is up to about 3.5 metres (11 ft) and they can weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 lb).Bronze whalers are extremely common on the Gold coasts offshore reefs.
  • Bull sharks are large and chunky. Males can reach 2.1 m (6 ft 11 in) and weigh 91 kg (200 lb). Females can be much larger up to 4 m (13 ft 1 in) and 318 kg (700 lb). The bull shark is well known for its unpredictable, often aggressive behavior.
  • Mako sharks grow to a full-grown length of 1.80–3.5 m (6–11 ft) and to a weigh up to400 kg (880 lb). Mako’s are renowned for their speed and their ability to leap out of the water. Mako sharks have a better hydrodynamic shape than all other sharks.
  • Hammerhead sharks belong to the Sphyrnidae family. So named for the unusual and distinctive shape of their heads, which are a flattened “hammer” shape called. Hammerheads range from 0.9 to 6 m long (3 to 20 feet).

Shark fishing charter boats

FV Fat Hooker

At 12.2 metres long and over 3.5 metres wide, Fat hooker provides a comfortable ride and cruises at 17 knots. Additionally she is kitted out with all the required equipment for your shark fishing adventure. Creature comforts include padded seating, full roof cover and on board toilet.

FV Seaquest

Purpose built by Steber international in Taree, Seaquest is a lean mean fishing machine. Powered by a 6.9 litre turbo diesel Cummins. Seaquest will get you out to the local sharks at a rapid pace. Features include comfortable seating, high quality electronics and on board toilet.

Want more information?

Please feel free to call our friendly staff on Call us at 07 55299658


The ulimate fishing experience


rigging live bait off the gold coast

Live Bait Fishing – Gold Coast Offshore

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Gold coast fishing charters

Tips and Techniques – Live Bait Fishing Gold Coast

Using live bait while fishing off the Gold coast is a very productive way to catch fish. In fact, when fish are scarce or finnicky, catching and using live bait for offshore fishing is the preferred method to get a number of fish species on the bite. As a massive range of artificial lures, are now readily available in tackle stores and frozen bait can be purchased from various outlets, the need for chasing and catching small fish for bait seems redundant. So why do fishos still actively hunt and catch live bait? It all comes down to several things.

Firstly, it’s about the hunt and the overall experience. You see, fishing isn’t simply about the catch, it’s also about the chase. Secondly, fishing with live bait is helpful to catch high end species, like Cobia, Tuna, Kingfish, Amberjack, Mahi mahi, Mulloway, Mackerel, Wahoo and many other apex predators that roam the Gold coasts offshore waters.

But how do you catch live bait for offshore fishing?

How to catch live bait for your deep sea fishing trip

bait jigThe right equipment is the best place to start. A good quality bait jig or a decent cast net is what’s required. But how do each of these devices work and where do you get them?

  • A bait jig comes pre rigged from your local tackle store, there are several manufacturers. Most have 6 to 8 hooks with feathers attached, they are designed to look like small prawns and tiny minnows. Bait jigs are available in different patterns with various hook sizes to suit your target species.
  • Finally, a cast net opens up and spreads across the water and sinks quickly. As you drag it back in, live bait fish become trapped in the net. Bait jigs are preferable for offshore bait gathering.


Where to get live bait on the Gold Coast

Finding a great spot for catching live bait isn’t challenging. But there are a few hot spots not far from the Seaway entrance. For example, you can find plenty of live bait on the 12 fathom reef, just one mile south east of the entrance. A further 2 miles east, the 18 fathom reefs also hold solid bait schools. From yellowtail to slimy mackerel, they can be found in large schools around this coastal area.

Once you have started to catch your live bait, it’s well worth putting a hook in one and casting it back in straight away. This is because large predatory fish often patrol these bait grounds in search of an easy meal. In addition, thumper Mulloway and Cobia are regularly taken in these areas.

Good quality fishing charter boats have built-in live bait tanks, complete with plumbing. However, you can use plastic buckets, tubs or similar changing the water regularly as you go to keep the live baits healthy when you head out wider to your favourite fishing location. A quality aerator or recirculating pump is a valuable asset to have on board. There’s no point wasting an hour to catch live bait if they are all dead by the time you reach the offshore grounds. You want them healthy and fresh when you reach the 24, 36 and 50 fathom grounds.

What makes the best live bait for offshore fishing?

Certain fish make for better live bait fishing Gold coast than others, species such as Yellowtail and Slimy mackerel make the best baits. But it does come down to what you’re fishing, where you’re fishing and what you expect to catch.

Yakka’s and Slimies, are readily available and provide great results for the saltwater fishing enthusiast. Both species are a streamlined fish that are easy to swallow by predators. However on some days they can be hard to find. Don’t despair, other species like Pike, mullet, bonito, frigates and Silver trevally are also on the menu for those higher up in the food chain.

Rigs & tips for live bait fishing Gold coast

Want to know the best tips and rigs for live fish baiting? Firstly catching the bait, a suitable spinning outfit between 4-15kg will get the job done. Ideally you want a soft rod tip to make feeling the bites a breeze and to aid in jigging.

Bait jigs are supplied with a snap clip attached to both ends. Before you unravel your brand new bait jig from the cardboard its wrapped on. Attach your line to one of the snap clips, then gently un wind the jig one hook at a time. finally you can attach a suitable sized sinker to the bottom snap clip. Carefully following this procedure will avoid a tangled mess.

yellowtail scad gold coastNow what?

There are a few options you can use to rig a live bait fish. You firstly want to make sure your bait is fresh and in good condition when you rig it. This will make sure it doesn’t tire further and die once it’s back in the deep blue ocean.

So, is single or double hook best? Bridle rig? Stinger hook? There are numerous ways to rig live baits, we will go into the various methods in detail in a future article. But basically double hook rigs are ideally suited for bigger live baits. But keep in mind a second stinger hook will reduce the lifespan of your chosen live bait. Other ways to hook live baits include through the top lip, in the shoulders or in the tail. Take care not to put the hook through the fishes lateral line.

Do live baits work better?

We discussed earlier that frozen dead bait can be easily sourced through all good fishing and bait stores, howeverLive bait fishing gold coast keen fisherman prefer to catch their own live bait as a part of the adventure. So, does it work better?

Absolutely! Fishing with live bait does work better and will always produce more pelagic species than dead bait options. Fish eat real food and live bait is exactly that.

Let’s face it, if you’re going to catch that monster trophy fish, your best chance is by using freshly caught live bait.

Experience and learn about live bait fishing with Gold coast fishing charters in Main beach

private chartersIf you want to try live bait fishing Gold coast, the fishing experts at GC fishing have all the expertise, local knowledge and information you need to get started.

If you are looking for a memorable fishing adventure, we have a wide range of charters and services available, including fishing with live bait. Our staff can discuss your options and the charter that will best suit your needs. Visit our website to find out more about all our live bait fishing Gold coast services.

Freshwater Fishing – Gold Coast – Scenic Rim

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Freshwater Fishing Gold Coast – Scenic Rim

When people think of fishing the Gold coast. They tend to think of offshore big game fishing or exploring the vast expanses of our estuary system. Freshwater fishing doesn’t immediately spring to mind. However the Gold coast and nearby Hinterland and Scenic rim regions have a range of options available.

Dam and Impoundment Fishing Near the Gold Coast

There are several dams and freshwater impoundments that are within an easy couple of hours drive from the Gold coast. Importantly these dams are well stocked with various freshwater fish species and a stocked impoundment permit is a must have.

Hinze Dam

Hinze Dam is the closest option. The Hinze Dam is located 5km west of Nerang on the Gold Coast. The dam is Hinze dam - Freshwater fishing gold coastrestricted to electric powered vessels, sail craft and paddle craft only. Fishing is permitted along the shoreline at the Eastern boat ramp, Western boat ramp and paddle craft launch point and from restricted vessels on the dam. stocked by the Hinze Dam Fish Management Committee. The dam is stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, Mary River cod, Saratoga and silver perch.

Clarrie Hall Dam

Clarrie Hall Dam is located on Doon Doon Creek – a tributary of the South Arm of the Tweed River, some 15 kilometres south-west of Murwillumbah. The dam has a catchment area of 60 square kilometres and a usable storage capacity of 15,000ML.

The Australian bass in the dam are in excellent condition and this Summer there have been some fish caught over 50cm.

Bass fishing gold coastWyaralong Dam

Wyaralong Dam is stocked by the Logan and Albert Fish Management Association Inc. The dam is stocked with Australian bass and Mary River cod.

Wyaralong Dam is located at the base of Mt Joyce north-west of Beaudesert. The dam is restricted to electric powered vessels and paddle craft only.

Maroon Dam

Maroon Dam is stocked by the Maroon-Moogerah Fish Management Association. The dam is stocked with AustralianFreshwater fishing Mary river cod bass, golden perch, Mary River cod and silver perch.

Maroon Dam is located just over 20km west of Rathdowney. Fishing and water sports are popular activities at the dam. There are no vessel restrictions at the dam. Fishing is permitted along the shore of Slater Park and Maroon Dam Day Use Area and on the dam from vessels.

Moogerah Dam

Scenic rim freshwater impoundmentsMoogerah Dam is stocked by the Maroon-Moogerah Fish Management Association. The dam is stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, Mary River cod and silver perch.

Moogerah Dam is located amongst the spectacular scenery of the Scenic Rim, an hours drive south west of Brisbane. The dam is a popular location for fishing and water sports. There are no restrictions on the vessel types that can be used. Boats and kayaks are available for hire at Lake Moogerah Caravan Park.

Freshwater Fishing Gold Coast and Scenic Rim River Systems

Tweed River

The river flows generally north east, joined by eight tributaries including the Oxley and Rous rivers before reaching its mouth at its confluence with the Coral Sea of the South Pacific Ocean. The upper reaches around the towns of Murwullimbah and Uki is a great area to flick lures or flies at the local Bass.

Nerang River

Nerang river bass fishingThe Nerang River Catchment is the largest and most significant river system on the Gold Coast. Major tributaries = Mudgeeraba Creek, Bonogin Creek, Wyangan Creek, Worongary Creek, Gin House Creek, Little Nerang Creek, Crane Creek and Mooyumbin Creek.

Coomera River

The Coomera River is a perennial river located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. Its catchment lies within the Gold Coast and Scenic Rim Region local government areas. The upper reaches hold good numbers of Bass, Mangrove jack and even the occasional Barramundi.

freshwater fishing gold coastLogan and Albert Rivers

The Logan and Albert Rivers are located in the Scenic Rim, Logan and Gold Coast local government areas of the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The 184-kilometre (114 mi)-long river is one of the dominant waterways in South East Queensland that drains the southern ranges of the Scenic Rim and empties into Moreton Bay.

Gold Coast – Scenic rim Creeks – the upper reaches

Freshwater fishing Gold coast can very rewarding for those who are willing to don their hiking boots and explore the upper reaches of the many creeks and tributaries. Both Currumbin and Tallebudgera creeks fish well for bass during the summer months. Further west in the Scenic Rim, Christmas creek and Running creek are well worth a go too.

In conclusion the Gold coast and surrounds have many great freshwater fishing gold coast opportunities for the avid and adventurous angler. However if chasing freshwater species isn’t your thing and you prefer the wind and salt spray and the excitement of the open ocean, check out our Gold coast deep sea fishing charters.

The ulimate fishing experience

seasonal fishing guide gold coast

Seasonal Fishing Guide – Gold Coast

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Seasonal Fishing Guide Gold Coast

Many of our charter customers ask the question “What’s biting at the moment?” So We decided to put together the comprehensive Seasonal fishing guide for the Gold coast below.

This is not exact, rather a rough guide as currents and water temperatures vary from year to year.

  • Amberjack: April to Novemberdeep sea fish species gold coast
  • Cobia: April to October
  • Cod: April to October
  • Dolphin fish (Mahi mahi): December to April
  • Flathead: All year round
  • Kingfish: April to November
  • Mackerel (Spanish and Spotties): December to May
  • Marlin: December to February
  • Pearl Perch: February to November
  • Sailfish: January to February
  • Samson Fish: April to December
  • Sharks: Year round but more prevalent during Whale season May to October
  • Snapper: April to November
  • Tailor: year round but better numbers caught during the cooler months.
  • Teraglin: year round, but tend to school up more in winter.
  • Tuna (Mackerel) March to November
  • Tuna (yellowfin)  December, January and also May to November.
  • Tuskfish (venus): Year round
  • Wahoo: November to May


Mulloway, winter fishing gold coastTo some it up in a nut shell, generally speaking here on the sunny Gold Coast the winter months are generally more productive for bread and butter table fish. This is the best time of year to send your baits down deep to target and catch the bottom reef dwelling species such as Snapper and Pearlies.

As the weather begins to heat up and the warm blue currents start moving down the east coast the speedsters like Wahoo, mackerel, Mahi mahi, and Marlin start to move in close to the coast, where they feed on the abundant schools of smaller bait fish that gather on the local reef systems in Summer.

This is the time to break out and re rig your lures, both Skirts and hard bodies will produce good results when the surface dwellers are hungry.

So there it is, The Seasonal fishing guide Gold coast. Don’t delay, plan and book your Gold coast offshore charter now!

The ulimate fishing experience

Winter fishing gold coast

Winter Fishing Gold Coast

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Winter Fishing Gold Coast

Winter mullowayIt can be hard to take the wind and cold while fishing through winter off the coast.

Fortunately on the Gold Coast we only have to shiver through a handful of icy cold mornings. With most days only being cool to mild with some top quality fishing on offer.

Not only is it prime time for fishing during the cooler winter months. The weather is usually more favourable for boaties. In addition, there tends to be less boats out on the water too, which means you don’t have to battle other fishos to fish your favourite spot.

What’s biting?

The main winter targets off the Gold coast are Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper, Mulloway, Tailor, Tuna, Pearl perch and Tuskfish. There are plenty of other species that may also be around if the water’s still a tad winter snapper fishingwarmer. Species such as Wahoo, spotted and Spanish Mackerel can usually be caught until late June.

Everyone has their favourite Winter species. For us it’s usually a toss-up between live baiting for monster Cobia or bottom bouncing and float lining for Snapper.

Most locals and charter operators chase either the good run of inshore Winter snapper that are strewn along the local reefs between 18 and 50 fathoms. Alternatively while fishing through winter on the Gold coast, good numbers of Cobia and Tuna can be caught along the 24 fathom reef using live Yakka’s or Slimy mackerel. Furthermore, Large Mulloway also call the shallow reefs home throughout the colder season. Teraglin also school up in big numbers to breed in winter, bag outs on Trag are common between June to September.

Winter Fishing Gold Coast – Bait and tackle

Snapper can be finnicky and only the best quality bait will do. Pilchards and Squid work well when chasing Snapper and Trag. While your bigger species such as Cobia, Mulloway and Tuna respond best to live baits or larger slabs of fresh fish.
Tackle wise, either an overhead or a decent threadline reel spooled with 10-15kg line will easily stop most species that will be encountered on the local fishing grounds.

Deep sea fishing BroadbeachGold Coast Charter Fishing boats

Everyone from first timers right through to experienced anglers can rest assured that we provide the best Gold coast fishing charters not just an ocean cruise.
Our friendly, experienced skippers and deckhands are committed to providing the best possible deep sea fishing trips every time.

Our comfortable smooth riding boats will get you out to the local reefs fast. Winter fishing Gold coast can be very rewarding. Book in to Hook in! Call now. +61755299658

fishing charters gold coastThe ulimate fishing experience


Twilight night fishing Gold coast

Twilight Night Fishing Charters Gold Coast

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Night Fishing Charters – Gold Coast

Introducing GC fishing’s newest option, our night fishing charters off the Gold coast are fast becoming one of our most popular packages. Available for group bookings only at this stage, our vesselsnight fishing gold coast can accommodate 12 or 16 people. In particular our recent 4pm-9pm sessions have shown some great catch rates as the sun goes down and we fish on into the night. In short, some species such as Mulloway and Teraglin prefer to feed at night, particularly around the full moon.

Night Fishing – Boats, Bait and Tackle

The boats for your adventure are well equipped for night fishing, our spacious comfortable decks have great lighting. Purpose built by Steber craft, our fibreglass mono hulls provide a very comfortable ride. In addition we provide top quality fishing tackle. And all the bait and burley that’s required to catch some quality fish. Furthermore our friendly experienced skippers will work hard to ensure you have a great night fishing experience.

Weather conditions

We do not head out to sea at night if high winds or rough seas are forecast. It is very important that you provide a phone number that we can contact you on the morning before your scheduled
trip in case the charter has to be re scheduled or cancelled in the event of adverse weather. Generally we only cancel if high winds and/or big seas are forecast. In the event a charter has to be cancelled, customers can either choose another suitable date or receive a refund of any deposit paid.

Departure point and times

Teraglin night fishing charters gold coastEvening charters at 4pm and return at 9pm. Usually, we find 5 hours is enough for most people. However if you would like to book the boat for a longer night fishing session. Above all we be happy to accommodate your group. Simply give our office a Call +61755299658

The Spit pontoon
Muriel Henchman Drive Main Beach 4217

Go past SeaWorld Nara Resort, look for blue sign with boat ramp/Charter boats, turn left at Muriel Henchman drive.
UBD Reference: Gold Coast Map Reference –Page #29. Coordinates L5. Plenty of free parking available.
Please note, the boat does not live here permanently, its a public pick up jetty, please wait at top of jetty ramp.

Gold coast fishing charters

Shark fishing gold coast

Shark Fishing Gold Coast

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Shark Fishing Gold Coast.

Looking for some arm stretching, adrenalin pumping fun, Shark fishing Gold coast will test your skills. However, you need to be able to get out to where the big toothy critters reside, that’s whereGold coast shark fishing charters we come in. GC fishing charters are the leading provider of offshore shark fishing charters. In addition our expert skippers know all of the best local reefs that regularly hold large sharks. Furthermore we also provide all of the required bait, burley. And top of the line Shimano and Penn fishing tackle for you to use. Target species include Bull sharks, Bronze whalers, Makos, Tiger sharks and Hammerheads.

Shark Fishing Charters.

Experience the power as a 300kg man eater picks up the bait and the reel begins to scream, prepare for hours of brutal combat as we do battle with some of the biggest sharks Australia has to offer.

GC Fishing use a wide variety of dead and live baits while targeting sharks on the Gold coasts offshore reefs. Our favourite bait is whole mack tuna, the bigger the better!! Baits vary in size from 1/2 shark fishing gold coastkg tuna fillets right up to whole tuna in excess of 10kgs.
We also use mullet, bonito and other oily flesh baits. Preferred live baits include slimy mackerel, bonito and yellowtail.
A good burley trail is absolutely essential to attract sharks to the baits. Once the baits are set, burleying begins. Any fish flesh makes good burley, where possible we use Mack tuna flesh as its nice and oily and breaks up with ease when mashed in the pot. This in turn creates a slick miles long in order to attract hungry sharks.

Our Gold coast shark fishing charters are mainly catch and release. However if you catch one that is under 1.5 metres you may keep it if you choose. Larger modelsshark fishing tackle above 1.5 metres, by law have to be released to fight another day.

Shark Fishing Charter boats.

Two quality purpose built shark fishing charter boats are available for private group bookings to head offshore to target these beasts. We recommend the colder winter months. The shark packs tend to follow the whale pods in winter and tend to be around in bigger numbers increasing the chances of a hook up. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 07 55299658.


shark charters

Gold coast mackerel fishing charters

Gold Coast Mackerel Fishing Charters

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Gold Coast Mackerel Fishing Chartersspotted mackerel

Get out on the water with us for some serious Gold coast Mackerel fishing charters.
There are few fish that can pull line off a reel like a big Spanish mackerel! Mackerel are one of the fastest swimming pelagic species. The warmer months are the prime time to target these migratory fish on the local offshore reefs to the east of the Gold coast. Big  Macks can usually be found anywhere that there is good bait holding structure. Find the bait schools and you will find the Mackerel close by.

mackerel fishing tipsWhen to target Gold coast Mackerel

You can catch Mackerel between December to June in the South east Queensland region. The early part of the Season usually begins with a run of Spotted Mackerel. They usually turn up at closer reefs off Palm beach, Mermaid beach and Southport. A couple of months later the bigger Spanish Mackerel arrive, these bigger predators are usually caught in depths between 10-50 metres.

Mackerel Fishing Tips and Techniques

Sight fishing for Mackerel makes for some extremely thrilling fishing. For Instance when they turn up at the back of the boat under the burley pot. Some days they will eat any bait offered to them. Other days they can be finnicky and very selective, at worst they can be down right frustrating. Some times you can throw every bait you have at them and they will turn their noses up and simply return back to the deep blue.

Suitable Tackle

Big Spaniards are a serious contender and require seriously robust tackle, cheap rubbish wont cut it with these bigger fish. Given the chance, a solid mackerel will grab your bait and make a Spanish mackerelblistering high speed run.  With these brutes, recommended tackle is overheads or bigger sized spin reels spooled with a minimum 15kg main line. Therefore offerings from manufacturers like Fin-Nor, Daiwa, Shimano and Penn and ideally suited for battling XXXL Mackerel.

The Fight, Catch the Thrill

Landing a quality Mackerel usually requires more than a one attempt. Often you will get it close to the boat only to watch it turn its head and make another long hard run for the horizon. In addition once hooked sometimes they will head up to the top of the water column and other times they will head deep. They will often try and circle the boat which becomes tricky when fishing at anchor. Once alongside the boat a heavy duty gaff hook is an essential item. Beware of their razor shard teeth once you have boated them, a big Spanish is easily capable of taking off a finger!

The Prize

Considered a prized catches in many ways. Mackerel offer the excitement of a long hard fight and are also a quality table fish. With its firm white flesh, it is excellent grilled, barbecued, baked, steamed or fried. Fillets or cutlets both cook up nicely depending upon your preference.
If you have never caught a Mackerel, you are missing out on some serious hardcore fishing action, and a great feed. Give it a go you certainly wont be disappointed with a Gold coast mackerel fishing charter.

Gold coast mackerel fishing chartersFishing Charters

If you don’t have the luxury of owning your boat, don’t despair one of our Gold coast mackerel fishing charters will get you to the fish for a very reasonable price. In other words, we supply the boat, the bait, the burley and most importantly the knowledge and expertise required to catch these high speed demons.

Above all we have two of the best charter boats on the coast. Our charter price is all inclusive, with everything you need to do battle with these awesome sports fish. Of course mackerel aren’t the only species we catch. We actively target and catch a myriad of other species also. These include Cobia, Snapper, Wahoo, Teraglin, Tuskfish and many more. Similarly our friendly expert crews know where to find and catch all of the above fish species. For bookings please feel free to give our friendly staff a call on 07 55109622, The Best Value Gold coast mackerel fishing charters are right here.


The ulimate fishing experiencefishing charters gold coast